Respecting all faiths


The trustees of the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board are upset with Dalton McGuinty for proposing to end the primacy of the Christian faith over all other faiths in legislative tradition. They are upset that he would dare to consider granting equal respect and consideration to people of other faiths or no faith; something quite in keeping with the Christian God's great commandment to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Trustee David Howard suggests that our province should be more like Quebec: "not afraid to be strong and vocal about its beliefs and traditions." He might want to consider that Quebec eliminated publicly funded denominational school boards (including Catholic ones) about a decade ago in the interests of fairness and religious neutrality. He might also be interested to know that the Quebec National Assembly also did away with the Lord's Prayer, replacing it with a non-sectarian moment of reflection where legislators can reflect on the seriousness of their responsibilities with the God of their choosing, or with no God at all.

As for Trustee Marlene Borutski, she might want to sit in on one of her board's religious education classes, where she might learn that Christians, Jews, and Muslims do not worship the same God and that non-Christians do not consider the Lord's Prayer their own.

Ending the practice of giving primacy to the Christian faith is not anti-Christian, but finally respects the principles of equality that we purport to value. It is long overdue and should be followed by the termination of superior education rights for Ontario Roman Catholics.

Leonard Baak,

President, Education Equality in Ontario

Ottawa, Ont.

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