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Sunshine List includes several Renfrew County public sector employees


The annual sunshine salary list was released by the Ontario's Ministry of Finance and many public-sector employees in Renfrew County were included.

Annually, the ministry releases the salaries and benefits of public-sector employees who were paid $100,000 or more during the previous year.

Pembroke Regional Hospital president and chief administrative officer Pierre Noel tops the list in Renfrew County earning $293,575.79.

Joining Mr. Noel on the list are 18 other individuals from the PRH. John Wren, vice-president of corporate and support services, and Sandra Keon, vice-president of clinical programs, each made $173,616. Physiatrist Deborah Timpson was next on the list earning $135, 079.82, followed by registered nurses Lynn Chester and Karen Galipeau who made $122,832.86 and $117,756.35 respectively.

Next is Sabine Mersmann, director of medical and rehabilitation program, who earned $111,494.10, followed by human resources director Danielle Thomas, who earned $108,888, and Eleanor Wright, director of emergency and intensive care, and Janet Boudens, director of surgical and maternal care, who each earned $108,294.

Also on the list from the PRH are registered nurses Sandra Wells, Megan Melcher and Wendy Briscoe who earned $107,936.82, $106,972.61 and $105,498.12 respectively. Rounding out the list, mental health director Bernadette Wren earned $107,066.54, information technology director Bernie Roosen earned $103,233, Karen Schreader, manager labour deliver, recovery and post-partum earned $102,756.04 and earning $100,718.80 each were Karen McEwen, director professional practice and policy and Sunsan Blakeney, director quality and risk management.

Randy Penney, president and CEO of the Renfrew Victoria Hospital topped the list from the RVH making $248,039.82. Joining him on the sunshine list are Julia Boudreau, vice-president corporate services; Christine Ferguson, vice-president patient services; and Paul Chatelain, vice-president financial services who earned $141,621.28, $140,843.23 and $128,562.69 respectively.

Seven people from the Deep River and District Hospital appeared on the sunshine list. Topping the earners was chief executive officer Larry Schruder, who made $162,700.77. He is followed by charge lab technologist Mike Wilson who made $128,030.94, medical lab technologist Susan Ripley who made $107,888.88 and nurse practitioner Kathy O'Connor who made $106,298.03.

Rounding out the Deep River and District Hospital list are chief nursing officer Lianne Wheeler, physician Cherinet Seid and medical radiation technologist Pierre Turenne who made $103,288.90, $101,165.70 and $100,229.52 respectively.

Two people from St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barry's Bay are on the list - chief operating officer Jeremy Stevenson who made $112,757.51 and Joan Kuiak, director of patient care services, who made $101,660.94.

Members of the local judiciary are also among the top earners in Renfrew County as provincial court judges Grant Radley-Walters, Robert Selkirk and Jane Wilson each earned $258,236.69. Assistant Crown attorney Teresa James earned the most among her colleagues in the Crown's office coming in at $187,803.08 followed by Crown attorney Jason Nicol who earned $181, 932.75, Peter Hageraats who earned $176,272.29, Elizabeth Ives-Ruyter who earned $155,633.31 and John Pepper who earned $155,155.42.

Justices of the peace Barry Moran and Nancy Mitchell also made the list earning $118,867.67 and $118,579.32 respectively.

The Renfrew County District School Board had 69 entries on the list, including several members of the board's administration staff.

Topping the list are directors of education Roger Clarke and Eleanor Newman who made $179,754.79 and $172,120 respectively.

Superintendent of corporate services Lisa Schimmens-Kuehl was paid $153,630.70 while academic superintendents Dennis Jenkins, Debra Rantz and Gail Bishop made $152,732.37, $150,401.01 and $144,785.32 respectively.

There are also a number of department heads on the list. Instructional technology leader Stephen Blok earned $123,885, information technology manager Roger Chenier took home $109,396.98, special education administrator Shelley Gagne made $108,026.40, student success leader Brent McIntyre earned $127,726.20, manager of health, safety and facility services William Murray took home $107,219.91, secondary curriculum leader Jacqueline Poirier took home $$117,109.90, and operations leader Ivan Saari made $113,885.77.

Twenty-four public school principals made the list. Fellowes principal Bryan Baird earned $123,272, supervising principal for special services Jodie Barrett made $115,612.94, Michelle Belsher earned $109,259.60, Terry Burwell took home $112,977.20, Angela Campbell-McGrath earned $113,285.20, Shelley Cliche earned $112,015, Alanna Emon took home $129,758.60, Neil Farmer made $124,324.20, Mary Jude Gonzalez-Kelley took home $107,530.40, Charles Haycock made $112,977.20, Terry Hughes earned $123,272, Jody Kitson-Roy made $107,530.40, Lizanne Lancell and Etienne Lantois, Catherine McCann-Kyte and Margaret Maloney each took home $112,977.20, John McIvor earned $123,272, Lisa Murphy took home $112, 977.20, Krista Recoskie took earned $109,259.60, Bronwyn Scott made $112,015, Kim Shoveller earned $114,749.70, Cynthia Simpson took home $120,003, Jenny Smith made $109,259.60, Lauren Wilson took home $124,234.20, and Loran Young earned $132,670.60.

The public board also has 19 vice-principals earning more than $100,000. On the list were David Bishop at $110,757.20, Daniel Brumm at $102,215, Peter Burnette at $107,712.36, Michele Drouin-Mahaffy at $100,721.40, Harry Gervais at $115,176.60, Gregory Harkness at $107,268, Thomas Havey at $103,507.80, Amy Johnston at $113,217.80, Debra Metzger, Pauline Morissette and Bohdan Stelmach at $110,757.20, Craig Myers at $101,297.40, Therese Narbonne at $113,247.14, David Prange at $109,444, Catherine Root at $102,215, William Smith at $101,650.69, Tracey Stevens at $115,197.56 Karen Thompson at $105,692.60 and Dean Zadow at $109,259.60.

Rounding out the list for the public board were 10 teachers. They were Boyd Barber at $102,556.40, Marc Fournier at $113,446.35, Lawrence Gaffney at $109,969.11, Robert Levasseur at $101,753.83, Peggy Anne McLeese at $104,904.56, D'Arcy O'Brien at $106,223.73, Edward Oegema at $104,768.10, Francesco Pecoar at $104,039.35, Brad Quinn at $102,680.10, Gary Serviss at $103,144.67, Patricia Turner at $100,401 and Valence Young at $148,631.

The Renfrew County Catholic District High School Board has 26 names on the list. Topping the entries is director of education Michele Arbour who earned $171,549.84 followed by senior administration Jaimie Perry, superintendent of educational services and superintendent of business Mary Lynn Schauer at $148,366.48 each and Peter Adam, superintendent of educational services at $126,544.32. Manager of plant services Ivan Johnson earned $106,693.85 and human resources manager Marian Neeson made $106,493.85.

Twenty-two Catholic school principals made the list. Jeannie Armstrong, Randy Bissonnette, Christina Brown, Connie Dick, Marie Finnerty, and Mary Lise Rowat each earned $112,061.46, Mary Brisco, John Leitch, Anne Lepine, Amy Sicoli and Jody Wellers made $106,549.98 each, Elizabeth Burchat took home $110,955.94, Melissa Dubeau earned $104,139.62, John Freemark took home $109,003.89, David Giroux made $112,290.64, Karen Kenny earned $106,956.07, Shelley Montgomery took home $110,604.74, Heidi Robinson earned $109,522.27, Mark Searson made $119,435.23, Alfie Sicoli earned $113,138.92, Cheryl St. Elier earned $113,138.92, and Brennan Trainor took home $112,774.47.

Four vice-principals also made the list. They were Derek Lennox at $105,635.91, Scott Nichol at $101,387.60, David Noble at $101,195.96 and Clint Young at $107,773.01.

Rounding out the Catholic board members on the list were four teachers. Lynn Denault earned $100,597.33, Douglas Ferguson made $100,300.65, Tina Noel took home $100,195.96 and Mike Silmser, Renfrew unit president of the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association, earned $108,239.97.

Also in the education sector, five people from Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley appeared on the list. Dean Karen Davies received $140,686.36, Murray Kyte, chairman of the business, technology and outdoor training department earned $130,820,47, Debra Balasevicius, chairwoman of the health and community studies department took home $117,672.10, Jamie Bramburger, manager community and student affairs earned $111,960.40 and professor Frank Knappen took home $110,568.11.

In the municipal sector, 18 County of Renfrew employees were on the list. Chief administrative officer Jim Hutton topped the list by earning $176,545.83, followed by treasurer/deputy clerk Jim Kutschke who earned $157,357.97. Social services director David Anderson and human resources director Bruce Beakley earned $132,333.31 each, while public works and engineering director Dave Darch took home $130,481.13 while Paramedic Chief Michael Nolan and Miramichi Lodge administrator Shelley Sheedy made $126,549.93 each.

Also on the list were nurse practitioner Jean Benton at $107,481.13, Miramichi Lodge director of care Michael Blackmore at $103,171.42, advanced care paramedic Joseph Dunne at $108,596.92, paramedic service district manager John Godin $112,067.69, Bonnechere Manor administrator Shayne Hoelke at $124,749.94, paramedic service district manager Richard Luesink at $103,660.65, director of development and property Paul Moreau at $104,275.40, paramedic service district managers David Ostroski and Kerry Papineau at $103,951.47 and $104,381.06 respectively, Bonnechere Manor director of care Violet Rossy at $100,586.67 and paramedic services operations deputy chief Michel Ruest at $104,442.57.

The city of Pembroke had 16 entries on the list, including 10 members of the Pembroke Police Service. Police Chief Dave Hawkins earned $146,075.72, while deputy chiefs John Mellon and Dave Brumm made $135,951.32 and $118,541.28 respectively. Also on the list, sergeants Les Carroll at $100,100.60, Dean Duchrow at $108,768.36, Ron Gibson at $106,099.90, John MacDonald at $106,834.99, Dave Schilling at $105,686.68 and George Warren at $110,691.64.

Fire Chief Dan Herback and Captain Phil Corriveau are on the list as well, earning $105,439.56 and $103,948.32 respectively.

Rounding out the list are members of senior administration. Chief administrative officer Terry Lapierre earned $149,662.47, while operations manager Doug Sitland and treasurer LeeAnn McIntyre each made $107,455.30 and manager of planning and building Colleen Sauriol took home $103,043.39.

The town of Petawawa and Whitewater Region had only one name each on the list as chief administrative officer/clerk Mitch Stillman and Dean Sauriol earned $103,594.40 and $101,970.41 respectively.

The town of Deep River has seven names on the list. Police Chief Michael Ueltzhoffer topped the list at $167,279.98. Also on the list were firefighters Victor Ahokas at $102,497.72, Stephen Cooney at $100,928.05, Paul Laronde at $103,933.14 and Shawn Madore at $100,754.88 and police officers Darin Faris at $100,401.11 and Robert Mederios at $101,009.60.

Appearing on the list under Community Safety and Correction Services are a number of members of the Ontario Provincial Police. Team leader Jeff Barkley made $108,072.58, office Michael Cooper earned $102,206.25, officer Wayne Desjardins took home $105,617.96, team leader Don Francis earned $113,041.18, Detachment Commander Joe Girard made $122,335,80, team leader Nancy Graves earned $102,234.48, Detachment Commander Derek Needham took home $117,856.11, team leader Clem Paradis made $112,019.45, community policing co-ordinator Kristine Rae earned $124,445.28, team leader Bruce Sawbridge took home $111,524.21, pilot Hans Schirmer earned $111,429.73 and officer Peter Wrigglesworth made $112,037.62.

Renfrew County Family and Children's Services had six names on the list. Executive director Arijana Tomicic earned $140,034.38 while legal counsel Richard Dickinson made $105,959.84, director of finance and information technology Bruce Kennedy earned $106,688.65, director of child protection Lynn Lavery made $107,972.97, director of resource services Jeff List took home $105,965.44 and director of quality assurance and research Michael O'Brien earned $106,930.73.

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MP John Yakabuski, chief whip of the official opposition made $136,868.46, Steve Perry, director of operations of Carefor Health and Community Services earned $103,471.20 and Paul Melcher, executive director of Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley made $110,682.

Tina Peplinskie is a Daily Observer multimedia journalist

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