Sex education - the sacred becomes secular

By Rev. Eric Strachan

"If your goal is purity of heart be prepared to be thought very odd"



Maybe I missed it, maybe I overlooked the mention of His name, but I scrolled methodically through 244 pages of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's revamped 'Sex Education Curriculum' for public schools scheduled for introduction in the fall of 2015, and couldn't find the 'God' word!

Isn't that strange? After all, didn't He invent sex? Or was it someone else? Liberal-minded reformers would have us, in this post-Christian society, believe that those male and female designations given to us at birth, based on our God-given anatomy, are merely a 'social construct.' In other words our genders are something that society has unwisely foisted upon all of us, and we ought not to pay any attention to these male and female labels, but rather choose our own sexual identity. Sadly, that is the ungodly mantra that is being preached today by many, and the signs of it are clearly evident In the Ontario Liberals new 'sex-ed' curriculum.

It is, as Charles McVety of Canada Christian College says, a document that is designed to indoctrinate and teach children the 'new way' of thinking about gender. But let's be honest and wise here, the sexual education of our children is not a responsibility we should voluntarily relinquish and transfer into the hands of secular educators, that was never God's plan. (Ooops! There's that 'God' word again!) It never ever was God's plan from the very beginning.

Let me make some comments here about 'sex education.' First of all, sex education is not a group event. This is not mathematics or science we are teaching! The very fact that we choose to teach this subject in a 'group' context is a clear indication that we have completely lost the whole idea of the 'sacredness of sex.' Secondly, it is not a co-ed event. You don't bring little Grade 1 boys and girls into a room together and show them graphic images titled 'penis' and 'vagina.'

I know we are living in an age that is a Third Millennium replica of the ancient Sodom and Gomorrah, and children are being exposed to online images and picking up things at a far earlier age, but sex education with all its intimacies is not the subject for the co-ed classroom.

Thirdly, children are not sufficiently psychologically wired to absorb such advanced teaching. The premier's proposal is for children to be instructed in the six genders: male, female, transgender, trans-sexual, two spirited and intersex. You've got to be kidding Kathleen! This is not age-appropriate.

Fourthly, sex education should not be taught without a moral component. To divorce this type of education from what is morally right and wrong, from what constitutes proper moral behaviour, and assuredly, to teach it without any mention of God, is grossly unwise.

And latterly, children should be taught about sexuality in an atmosphere of love, compassion and sensitivity by those in whom they have implicit and absolute trust. It is a task that God has assigned to every parent. It is not, and I say not, an assignment for anyone other than a parent, and often these teaching moments are not so much planned as they are surprise and spontaneous occasions when a wise parent senses that this is the ideal time for an introductory lesson, or the next lesson, on the beauty of sex.

Kathleen Wynne's proposed curriculum for introduction to our Ontario public schools this fall is merely the re-incarnation of Premier Dalton McGuinty's 1998 document, which was met with vigorous and vehement opposition, and was appropriately turfed and tossed out. Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals says there will be no further debate on this issue, but wise parents ought to be prepared to do something about this. You will of course have the opportunity to withdraw your child from class when and 'if' the new curriculum is introduced but the prospect of that raises all sorts of issues.

Barbara Kay wrote a brilliant and scholarly article in the National Post this past week. Making no claim to be either religious or Christian she said in her piece entitled "Ontario's New Sex Ed Curriculum teaches young children too much too soon," that the goal of this new curriculum "seems to be the normalization of sexual experimentation in all its permutations." In other words, this new document wants your child to experiment with every form of sexual expression to find out what's right for them. Wow!

She goes on to say, "The goal seems to be"¦a sexual utopia," and let me put the rest in my own paraphrase, "in which there are many safe and uncomplicated choices." e.g. any one of the six genders. That's the world your public school child could be attending, a world where at an early age of innocence and naivety they are being offered a smorgasbord of sexual expressions - after all, we've forsaken Biblical absolutes according to our society and today 'anything goes!'

I suspect, that in the days ahead, more parents will be home schooling. I believe too that new Christian schools will pop up all over the place. Thank God for that! It was God who made us distinctively 'male' and 'female.' It was a two-gender creation. Jesus endorsed that thousands of years later when He said, "Haven't you read that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female?"

(The Bible, Matthew 19:4) We've come a long way from the sacred to the secular,

but society should not let Kathleen Wynne's Ontario Liberals go ahead with their fall plans. If we do, believe me, it will unquestionably be critically detrimental to our children's future.

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