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Not too late to attend Algonquin College's Waterfront Campus this fall

Jamie Bramburger

By Jamie Bramburger, Special to The Daily Observer

Algonquin College's Waterfront Campus in Pembroke, Ont.

Algonquin College's Waterfront Campus in Pembroke, Ont.

Summer has arrived and a light is about to go on for some people who have been putting off making a decision to enroll in a college program in the fall. The realization will soon set in that their friends will be pursuing a post-secondary education, but they don't have a plan for themselves.

The good news is there is still plenty of time to enroll in a college program. Granted, some programs are now closed to applicants, or have been 'waitlisted' because all of the seats have been secured by the incoming class of students, but many programs remain open.

The main reason people choose to attend college is to secure employment in a career they are interested in. With that decision, comes the promise of greater career potential, higher lifetime earnings and greater employment satisfaction.

Labour market conditions can impact the post-secondary journey and for some graduates it may take longer to secure the job they want, but over time countless studies have demonstrated that completing a higher education program is one of the best investments a person can make.

Generally, researchers have demonstrated that earning a post-secondary credential leads to a shopping list of benefits, including greater economic stability, more job security, better dietary and health benefits, longer life expectancy, enhanced knowledge of government policies and voting engagement, more willingness to volunteer and stronger connections to communities.

Canada has one of the world's highest levels of post-secondary attainment, and as our economy continues to evolve, the expectations of employers will also grow. The gap between those with post-secondary education and those with a high school diploma or less will continue to widen.

An aging labour force and what some call a "skills mis-match" is an opportunity for young people to reach their full potential by combining post-secondary training with their own ambition, entrepreneurial thinking and pursuit of their dreams. It all starts with earning a post-secondary credential.

September is only two months away. There's still time to be included in the group of almost 1,000 full-time students who will study this fall at the Waterfront Campus in Pembroke. It's a decision that shouldn't be put off any longer. Going to college pays off.

Jamie Bramburger is the manager of Community and Student Affairs at Algonquin College's Waterfront Campus. You can follow Jamie on Twitter: @brambuj or reach him by email at: brambuj@algonquincollege.com

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