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The evolution of The Daily Observer to the Postmedia Network family

By Anthony Dixon, The Daily Observer

Moving towards the fifth month since The Daily Observer became part of Postmedia Network Inc.’s family offers us the opportunity to update you, our readers, on some of the changes you’ve no doubt noticed in these pages and also online.

Back in April, Postmedia’s senior vice-president Lou Clancy explained the company’s belief about the role we serve in our communities and firmly stated that we shall continue in that role, doing what we do best, and that is covering local news. As managing editor of your The Daily Observer I assure you that commitment to serve our communities is echoed in every decision we make in the newsroom and every story written and every photo taken by our journalists.

The content you see in our pages and that we post online at reflects that commitment. From the news, sports, arts and community events we cover to the plethora of local writers we give a voice to in our numerous local columns, local comes first. Even the selection of provincial, national and international content we offer through the Postmedia Network is influenced by our desire to provide you with useful, accurate information that affects you right here in the Ottawa Valley. Our staff members (including many born and raised right here in the Upper Ottawa Valley) are the ones making the choices that lead to what you read in these pages and on your screens, on a daily basis.

Over the past several months you’ve probably noticed some changes to The Daily Observer:

·         A minor tweaking of pages A2, A3 and B1 to give us more space to publish local articles and photos;

·         A photo page of readers’ photos titled ‘In the camera’s eye’ where you can share your best, most beautiful, or most fun moments with your fellow readers - both in the newspaper and online. Email your photos with a brief description to;

·         A focus on increasing the number of local faces appearing in our pages, and also providing the reader with more of the ‘feeling’ of an event through the introduction of more staff-produced photo features;

·         We’ve rejoined the Canadian Press and Associated Press newswire services, bringing their content back into our provincial, national, world, sports and entertainment pages;

·         A new partnership with Postmedia newsrooms right across the country but also close to home (in Ottawa for instance) that provides a wonderful two-way conduit for sharing new and information relevant throughout this area; and

·         Through Postmedia, some formerly familiar columnist names have returned like Andrew Coyne, Michael Den Tandt and Stephen Maher.

We aren’t finished yet. As September rolls around we’ll begin working to produce a youth forum, giving the next generation of leaders a voice on topical issues.

Our goal has always been to reflect the community in which we all live and work and play back to you while providing you with relevant, accurate local news and information. We are always evaluating ideas on what local content to bring you and how to bring it to you. Maybe you’ve got an idea to share. Please, let us know. You can reach out by phone and call me at 613-732-3691 ext. 509244 or email me at

We’d also love to expand our editorial board so if you’re interested, send me an email anytime.

Anthony Dixon is The Daily Observer’s managing editor

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