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Third woman in Wilno area slayings identified

Robert Sibley

The Ottawa Citizen

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‘RIP My Friend. Your light and courage will continue to touch those who know you. You will be missed.’ A man and woman left these flowers outside home of Anastasia Kuzyk in Wilno Ont. early this morning Sept. 23 2015

‘RIP My Friend. Your light and courage will continue to touch those who know you. You will be missed.’ A man and woman left these flowers outside home of Anastasia Kuzyk in Wilno Ont. early this morning Sept. 23 2015

Ontario Provincial Police have identified Carol Culleton, 66, of North Gower as the third victim in a killing rampage that began Tuesday morning in the village of Wilno.

Culleton was apparently slain in a residence on Kamaniskeg Road, about 35 kilometres from Wilno.

Three women were slain in separate, but related, incidents across Eastern Ontario Tuesday, in a string of killings that triggered a manhunt that saw schools, a courthouse and an Ottawa law firm locked down.

Basil Joseph Borutski, 57, is in custody in connection with the killings, which occurred in three communities along the upper Ottawa River, about 180 kilometres west of the national capital. He was scheduled to appear in Pembroke court Wednesday afternoon.

The other two victims are Anastasia Kuzyk, described as being in her 30s, and Nathalie Warmerdam.

The OPP has confirmed that the deaths are all connected.

The grisly events began early Tuesday, at about 9 a.m., when Ontario Provincial Police from the Killaloe detachment found the body of a woman, Anastasia Kuzyk, in a house on Szczipior Road in Wilno. She had been shot.

At that scene, police found what they described as “information” that led them to another residence on Foymount Road near the village of Cormac, some 26 kilometres southeast of Wilno. There the police found the body of Nathalie Warmerdam. She, too, had been shot to death.

An area newspaper reported that a young man escaped from the Warmerdam house, outside of Cormac, shortly before he heard a gunshot. He called 911 and emergency responders later brought him out through a wooded area at about 12:30 p.m.

Tactical officers who had been on training exercises in Algonquin Park augmented local detachment officers. A K-9 squad was also called in. Witnesses counted more than 30 police vehicles at the scene. A drone from Renfrew County Medical Service was flown over the area.

OPP officers found Culleton dead shortly after 11 a.m. at a home on Kamaniskeg Road.

Police have not explained what led them to this third victim.

With the discovery of the second and third victims, police intensified their manhunt.

More than 40 officers responded to the Cormac site. They advised area residents to lock their doors and remain inside.

An area newspaper reported that people who had had dealings with the suspect sought protection from the OPP after hearing of the shootings. One told police the suspect had allegedly posted a list a people against whom he was seeking revenge. Others said they had received phone calls in recent days from the suspect threatening them if they didn’t give him money.

Shortly before 3 p.m., the OPP announced they had a suspect in custody. Half-an-hour earlier, Ottawa police officers had arrested Basil Joseph Borutski, 57, near Kinburn, about 130 kilometres southeast of Wilno.

Police found Borutski hiding in a wooded area near Beck’s Road in Kinburn. Tactical officers from the OPP and Ottawa police, their weapons drawn and accompanied by K-9

officers, descended on the dead end road not far from Stonecrest Public School just after noon after receiving information that the suspect had been seen.

Ottawa Police Insp. John McGetrick described the suspect as armed and dangerous, saying he was “close enough to be a concern that the school had to be locked down.”

The officer would not say how police knew he was in the area, but sources say police tracked Borutski using the signal from his cell phone.

Police at the scene said a firearm was also recovered. Nevertheless, the suspect was taken into custody without incident and handed over to the OPP, McGetrick said.

One local resident, Andy McArdle, who lives on Kinburn Side Road near Beck’s Road, said that before the arrest a police helicopter passed back and forth over soybean fields and a wooded area across the street from his home.


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