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FIT FOR LIFE: What's the best treatment?

By Donna Cotnam, Daily Observer

Recently I found myself sidelined. That's not a place I am comfortable with or happy to be at to be honest with you.

Ever since, I have heard it all - How did you do that, do you not practice what you preach? You're not 25 anymore. I can't believe it happened to you.

The reality is I'm not 100 per cent sure how I did it. I do follow my own advice, no I'm not 25 anymore and yes it can happen to anyone.

Okay so fix me!! But how do you know the best treatment? Rest, ice, heat, meds, hot tea, hot baths, massage therapy, chiropractor, physiotherapist"¦all of the above!

That's right I wanted to be fixed and I was doing it all. As time went on I started to monitor how I felt after each treatment, after the ice, the heat and the hot bath. I slowly started to eliminate what I felt was not helpful to the particular ailments I was experiencing. As I have said more than once in this very column, you need to listen to your body when you work out. Well you need to listen to it even more when you are injured.

In my case not knowing what in particular caused my discomfort, it was almost a guessing game to find the best treatment for me. Was it muscular or structural? I had two issues at the same time. Did one cause the other? Was there a weakness that caused them both or was it dumb luck that they coincidentally happened at the same time. Not being very patient, I opted for a variety of treatments to help 'fix me.' Time is also a great healer, so even though I am not back to 100 per cent I am back in the game. But enough about me.

When you find yourself sidelined, you want to know the best plan of attack to get you back in the game. Everyone becomes an expert and will love to give their opinion as to what is wrong with you and what you 'need' to do. My suggestion - take it slow, get your doctor's advice. You may find that one treatment will work better than another. We are all different and respond differently to particular methods and treatments. Unless you can pin point exactly what caused your issue, it might take time to discover the origin, thus taking time to discover the best treatment.

I still stand by what I believe to be true - everything in moderation. Exercise and healthy eating is a lifestyle choice that will improve the quality of your life. How much or how little you do should be based on works for you. One might argue that if I wasn't so active, I wouldn't have gotten injured. I know one thing for sure, that if I wasn't in such good health, I would still be sidelined"¦you choose.

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