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Moose on the loose in the City of Pembroke

By Anthony Dixon, The Daily Observer

Pembroke had a special visitor on Thursday - one that was four-legged, furry and may have answered to the name Elliot or Bullwinkle.

A moose was reported by many residents, wandering around the west-end of Pembroke.

The first reports of the large mammal came in Wednesday evening, in the Bruham Avenue area west of the city. Later on, it was spotted along Isabella Street.

As the day dawned on Thursday, the moose was still meandering around in the yards of Isabella Street homeowners.

Pembroke resident Ashley Kerr was up early keeping an eye on the rather large creature, said by one witness to stand about 6 feet tall at the shoulder.

"I took (these photos) from my porch about 6:20 this morning," Kerr said. "She wandered back to the neighbour's yard and when I went to get a picture of her from the street she came back for the photo op. From there she wandered down the street. I called 911 to let the police know where she was. Then, just before 8 a.m., she decided to relax a bit behind my garage.

"Poor thing must be scared and confused. I kept my distance (zoom lens) and I hope everyone else does the same."

Const. Beth Ethier of the Pembroke OPP detachment said that police and bylaw enforcement were aware of the moose and keeping a careful eye on it while waiting and hoping that it safely found its way back to a forested area.

Around noon hour the moose was reported down near Pembroke Street West, in the area just east of Trafalgar Road. With police still keeping a careful eye on the creature, it made its way safely across the road and was last seen headed towards the Ottawa River.

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