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Pembroke's Jadyn Malone makes her red carpet debut at Hollywood premiere of 'Arrival'

By Celina Ip

Pembroke’s Jadyn Malone walked down the red carpet among Hollywood’s biggest stars at the premiere of ‘Arrival’ on Nov. 9.


Six-year-old Jadyn and her family were invited to the star-studded affair to celebrate the starlet’s silver-screen debut as Amy Adams’s daughter in the new sci-fi action flick.

The $50-million blockbuster, filmed in Montreal, centers on the story of a linguist (played by Adams) who is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications.

At the film’s premiere in Hollywood, the young actress was invited to walk the red carpet among the film’s A-list cast of Adams and Jeremy Renner.

Jadyn’s mom, Jodie, shared how her daughter confidently strode across the red carpet in her purple diamond-studded gown while displaying an admirable amount of poise and composure for someone of her young age.

“Before she stepped out of the limo, she was a bit nervous with all the flashing cameras and everyone standing around. But the moment she stepped out, it was like you never knew she was nervous. Her character changed and she just got so confident and did her thing,” said Jodie. “It was great and we are very proud of her.”

Jadyn detailed the royal affair that left her feeling like a true Hollywood celebrity for the night, as she was surrounded by flashing cameras, a gang of paparazzi eagerly pointing microphones in her face and innumerable people asking for autographs.

“It was fun but it also hurt my eyes. The lights were flashing and I couldn’t look because they were all going 'Jadyn! Jadyn! Jadyn!'” said the young starlet. “There was even this one man who wanted pictures for his whole family.”

Following all of the lights, cameras and action, Jadyn and her family had the chance to view ‘Arrival’ at the exclusive premiere that took place at Graumans Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Jodie expressed how her daughter did a wonderful job portraying her character.

“I think she was able to convince us that she was a happy little girl playing in the lawn,” said Jodie. “She was giggling and laughing and it was very believable.”

Jodie added that while Jadyn is too young to realize it just yet, this was an opportunity of a lifetime for her and one that they will all treasure forever.

“Her dad and I really could’ve teared up. She doesn't understand the magnitude of what happened for her and the possibilities that could come from this – but we understand it,” said Jodie. “It's not every day that you can see your child walk the red carpet in Hollywood. So for us, it was truly a moment of pride and we're all very proud of her.”

This Friday Dec. 2, ‘Arrival will be premiering at Algonquin Cinemas in Pembroke. Prior to the showing, the public will have the chance to meet Jadyn as she’ll have a table set up in front of the cinemas from 6:15pm to 7 p.m. Jadyn will have autographed headshots available for a ‘pay what you can’ donation fee of which all proceeds will go towards the Boys & Girls Club of Pembroke and the Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN).


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