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Moncion Metro employee Audrey Mercier retires after 50 years of service

By Celina Ip

Pembroke’s Moncion Metro has celebrated the retirement of long-time employee Audrey Mercier after her five decades of remarkable service.


After being hired by store founder Omer Moncion in 1967, Mercier immediately fell in love with the company and remained a loyal employee.

Now, half a century later, Mercier felt that the time had come to bid farewell to her career and welcome the next chapter of her life: retirement.

“I started working here right after high school. They hired me when I was about 17 years old and I just never left. I made my way up and I did lots of different things and I just loved working here so much that I never wanted to leave,” said Mercier. “But now it’s been 50 years so it’s come time to retire.”

Throughout her career, Mercier worked in a variety of departments as she worked her way up from being a cashier, to working in the former downstairs reception hall, to managing the former video department and eventually settling into her niche position: manager of the floral and bulk food department.

“After my dad (Omer) hired her in 1967, she’s stayed and grown with the business and experienced the store’s many changes over the years,” said Sylvianne Moncion, owner and manager who has been working with Mercier for the past 30 years. “People come and go all the time but she stayed and worked here for 50 years which is truly remarkable. She must have loved us and we have definitely loved her. She has been a remarkable employee who has set a very high standard and we’ll need to upkeep everything she’s instilled in her department.”

Having managed the floral department for the majority of her career, Mercier chose to retire on her busiest day of the year: Valentine’s Day.

“I thought that would be the best day because I'll always remember it,” said Mercier with a smile. “I thought that since Valentine’s Day is such a busy day for me that maybe no one would even know that I’m leaving.”

As busy as Mercier was on her final day of work, her co-workers ensured that she was relieved for some time so they could recognize her years of service and honour her retirement with a bittersweet celebration.

Around noon, Moncion made the announcement over the telecom as she invited all staff to join in the farewell celebration – complete with balloons, cake and a collage of photos depicting Mercier’s memories with the company from across her 50-year career.

Mercier wiped away tears and received innumerable hugs and well wishes from her coworkers and friends.

Above all, Mercier said that it would be the people she’d miss most.

“I’m happy but also emotional,” said Mercier. “I’ll miss my customers and coworkers a lot. I love the people and I’ve loved working here so much. I live nearby so I’ll definitely be visiting lots.”

Moncion expressed how the staff and customers will definitely miss Mercier’s glowing personality along with her exceptional skills and dedicated service as manager of the floral and bulk food department.

“Audrey has been a remarkable staff member and you don't find very many hardworking people like her. She's developed lots of friendships with a lot of customers and she's just been a great asset to the company because she’s a great people person and she's a great manager. It's been an absolute pleasure to have her here and we just love her to death,” said Moncion. “We’ll all miss her but we’re very happy for her and her retirement.”

As she steps into this next chapter of her life, Mercier is looking forward to travelling with her husband Mike as they plan on enjoying quality family time with their son in Victoria, B.C.


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