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Some days you report the news and some days you are the news...

By Anthony Dixon, The Daily Observer

This week, Tuesday to be specific, the staff members of The Daily Observer found themselves on the other side of the pen and the camera as we became the news.


Shortly after 11 a.m., a piercing alarm went off inside our office warning us that something was definitely amiss.

Our advertising manager, Jim Kwiatkowski, went to investigate and quickly came jogging back into the middle of the office to report that water was coming.

Being the intrepid and generally helpful guy that I am, I ran to the storage closet to grab a bucket to catch what I thought was going to be a trickle of water leaking into the office. I’d seen small leaks in various homes and buildings over the years. This can happen when ice backs up under the shingles of grandman’s house or whatever. Little did I know.

So imagine my surprise when a torrent of water came gushing through the ceiling leaving me and my little bucket staring it down like Indiana Jones staring down that giant rolling boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yeah, it was time to run.

So if you haven’t heard and haven’t gathered from my intro here, we suffered a major flood at our office this week. Work began immediately to clean and repair the damage but we won’t be back in our work ‘home’ for a little while.

While it has been a challenging week (and not something I would choose to go through or repeat) a disruption of this sort does clarify a few things.

Firstly, customers love contests and will do virtually anything to get those ballots in.

Secondly, after customers love contests, the subjects of teamwork and gratitude came clearly into focus for me.

I was truly impressed with so many people over the last few days, especially my co-workers. Obviously evacuating your office causes some upheaval in your workday and your workplace, but without missing a beat our staff picked up the pieces and within hours of the disaster, a Wednesday paper was written, shot, edited, produced, and was on the doorstep the next morning. Deadline, achieved. I won’t get into the details, but it was an impressive effort. Thanks team and I’m proud of you all.

Our parent company, Postmedia, and my superiors have all been super supportive, offering guidance, advice, and always responding quickly to our questions.

The cleaners, cleanup crew, the staff of The Kitchen eatery, insurance adjusters, have all been professional, helpful, understanding and supportive. Thank you. Most of all, thank you to you, our faithful readers and thank you to those of you who reached out on Facebook to extend kind wishes.

While our offices are being repaired, we remain in full swing, covering the news, and sharing the stories of people in our communities.

Doing so is going to be a trifle more challenging until we return to our office home, but ... to paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr., the ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge.

To reach us during the office repair period:

  • Classified ads Please call- 1-855-925-8699
  • Circulation please call 1-866-511-1961
  • Editorial please email pem.editorial@sunmedia.ca

Stay dry folks.


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