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Council passes water, sewage rates

By Sean Chase, The Daily Observer

Town of Petawawa Municipal Building

Town of Petawawa Municipal Building


Council last week passed the water and sewage rates for this year.

Residential property owner will pay $298.66 for water services, while commercial businesses will spend $369.52. The commercial high volume will be $464.09, while the school boards will spend $74.66 per classroom. The flat rate sewage service rates include $368.53 for residential property owners and $465.33 for commercial users. The Commercial High Volume will be $582.97 while school boards will spend School $92.13.

Treasurer Annette Mantifel recently brought forward the $3.3 million water budget for 2017. Breaking the expenditures down, she told council a total of $178,743 has been included for the general maintenance of the water system and water plant. This amount includes $40,000 to perform leak detection inspection at the water treatment plant and $93,743 for major maintenance at the plant.

Capital for the water plant amounts to $234,000 which includes $74,000 to replace the existing Bristol system and $160,000 to replace the existing programmable logic controller (PLC) system. Capital for the water system amounts to $672,877 which includes $25,000 for John Street design, $572,534 for Mary Street phase one project, $25,000 for Mary Street Phase two design and $15,000 for McGregor Hill watermain. As well $35,343 will be allocated for the Victoria Street/Abbie Lane project, however, Mantifel said that is dependent upon approval of funding from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF). She noted that a total of $742,873 will be sent to the water lifecycle reserve.

Council also reviewed the $3.9 million sewage system budget. Mantifel said $401,755 will be spent for the maintenance of the sewage system and the plant at Petawawa Point. This amount includes $80,600 in manhole rehabilitation as well as $296,155 for various maintenance items. Another $101,000 in capital for the plant has been budgeted to replace one blower for secondary treatment, upgrade clarifier and mechanism for primary treatment and professional services to assess efficiency of sludge handling.

Capital for the sewage system amounts to $1,669,455, including $1,536,572 for the Victoria Street/Abbie Lane project, $32,883 for phase one of the Mary Street initiative and $100,000 for design work for the future expansion of the Renfrew Street pumping station. The Victoria Street/Abbie Lane project will depend again on funding from the provincial OCIF. In addition, $871,497 will be added to the sewage lifecycle reserve. 

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