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Sisters from Deep River revolutionizing philanthropy in Canada

By Asha and Roopa Suppiah, Special to The Daily Observer

This is a happy mother who received a microfinance loan to build water facilities for her family. Now she can earn an income because she doesn’t have to walk miles every single day to fetch water.

This is a happy mother who received a microfinance loan to build water facilities for her family. Now she can earn an income because she doesn’t have to walk miles every single day to fetch water.

Local sisters Asha and Roopa Suppiah from Deep River are revolutionizing philanthropy for Canadians. They have founded the humanitarian organization Water Well-ness Project and are passionate advocates for solving the world water crisis.
Through their organization, they’ve launched a new program called H2O Investments and are inviting the Ottawa Valley to join in on or before March 22nd, 2017 - World Water Day.
H2O Investments is a compassionate, sustainable, and enjoyable approach for Canadians to help the poor internationally gain access to the most basic necessities of life – clean water and sanitation. With this program, Canadians have the unique opportunity to make small loans to women in India who use this loan to build life–changing water or toilet facilities. Unlike any humanitarian program out there, Canadian lenders will receive their money back with interest after the projects are completed. Through H2O Investments, both Canadians who are the lenders and the women who receive these loans are empowered, which makes philanthropy enjoyable for all parties involved and makes for the best approach to sustainable philanthropy.
The global water and sanitation crisis is real and staggering, with more than 660 million people worldwide lacking clean, safe water, and more than one-third of humanity living without a proper place to poop. Water Well-ness Project knows that in 2017, this situation should not be the case anywhere in the world. Water Well-ness Project is tackling this situation in one of the worst affected countries in the world, India, where a population three times the size of Canada has no clean water and two-thirds of the country lives without a toilet. With H2O Investments, Canadians can make tangible impact for the poorest of the world.
What makes H2O Investments different from any humanitarian out there is that lenders are not parting with their money indefinitely like a traditional donation – instead, a cyclic, sustainable funding model is created. The entire process is carried out in collaboration with  Water Well-ness Project's Field Partners in India to ensure the recipients of loans are supported and every step is monitored.
Sisters Asha and Roopa recognize that society is becoming increasingly weary of how philanthropy is conducted. To bring the heart back to philanthropy, they have created H2O Investments. From investors, to field partners, to the women and families they help internationally, their organization listens to and weaves the needs of each party into the fabric of H2O Investments. 100 per cent of the money that an individual invests through the program is used directly by the community in need rather than for administrative expenses. The sisters know that Canadians want to feel connected to the international projects, so participants in H2O Investments are given pictures, videos and the GPS location of the communities their money is being loaned to.  Water Well-ness Project  is truly doing philanthropy right and making philanthropy feel good again, like it should.
Asha and Roopa are inviting the Ottawa Valley to be part of a better way to do philanthropy. World Water Day, March 22nd  is the final day to make an investment through H2O Investments for the first round of water and toilet projects in India. You can also make a donation if you prefer this option. The sisters hope you will join them in this exciting and impactful opportunity to improve the lives of those living without the fundamental needs of life. 
You can find out more details or invest today at Asha and Roopa are always happy to hear from the community, so contact them at  with any questions.

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