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Bishop Smith awards their athletic best

By Sean Chase, The Daily Observer


Bishop Smith Catholic High School's Class of 2016-17 left behind their exam preparations for one evening as students and teachers celebrated the athleticism and dedication of the Class of 2016-17.

With another school year in the history books, the most valuable players (MVP), most improved players (MIP), most dedicated players (MDP), most sportsmanslike players (MSP), and most promising player (MPP) were recognized for each sport and grade during Bishop Smith's annual athletic awards banquet on June 7.

Before the shiny hardware was handed out, six more students were added to the Crusaders for Life, those members of the Student Athletic Council recognized for their invaluable contributions. This year's new Crusaders for Life were Jenna Adlam, Bridget Lipke, Emma Martin, Michael Plazek, Kirstin Regier, Bryana Tysick and Grace Williams. The newly established Ambassadors of Bishop Smith Team Award was given to Ariana Hurley, Kate Hurley, Tristan Mulvihill, Victoria Voldock and Hanah Young.

In the top awards for 2016-17, Emma Young was named Top Senior Female athletes, while Michael Plazek was named the Top Senior Male Athlete. The Top Junior Male athletes were Conrad Cybulski and Andrew Plazek, while the Top Junior Female athletes were Anna Gleason and Tristan Mulvihill.

Grace Williams received the Julie Moon Student Athletic Council Memorial Award. The recipients of the Robyn Gravel Memorial Award were Caitlin Cybulski and Eric Plazek. The recipients of the Michael Roy Memorial Award were Mya LaRiviere and Braydon Dougherty. Michael Plazek and Kirstin Regier received the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) Colin Hood Award.

The Top Female Athlete who demonstrated leadership and dedication was Bridget Lipke, while the Top Senior Male athletes who demonstrated leadership and dedication were Nathan Allen, Hunter Halliday and Liam Osmond. The Top Female and Male Junior athletes who demonstrated ethusiasm and dedication were Kaitlyn Bourgeois, Karlina Kerr, Hanah Young, Benjamin Edwards and Matthew Unrau.

The Most Promising Grade Eight Female Athlete was Abbie McGrath, while Abram Gleason was named the Most Promising Grade Eight Male Athlete. The Most Enthusiastic Grade Eight Female Athlete was Kyra Vincent, while the Most Enthusiastic Grade Eight Male Athlete was Joel Adlam.

The winners of individual sports were as follows:

In Junior Tennis, Ellie Gagne was named MIP and Michael Donnelly was named MVP. The MVP in Senior Tennis was Michael Plazek, while Eric Plazek was named MSP. In Varsity Golf, Parker Lessard was named MDP, while Rem List was the MVP. Emma Young was the MVP in Senior Girls Basketball, while the MIP was Abbigail Warren, the MPP was Hannah Purcell, and the MDP as Mariah Pecoskie. Anna Gleason and Tristan Mulvihill were the MVPs in Junior Girls Basketball, while Alyssa Berger and Karlina Kerr were named the MIPs, and the MPPs were Kaitlyn Bourgeois and Elizabeth Kelly.

In Grade 8 Soccer, the MVPs were Damian Tower, Abram Gleason and Tarynn Kearney, while the MSPs were Carter Sell, Allee Fudge and Abbie McGrath. The MDP was Karsyn Keetch, while Savannah Higginson was the MPP. In Junior Boys Volleyball, Benjamin Edwards was the MVP, while Keaton Kerr was the MIP. Andrew Plazek was named MPP, while the MSP was Adam Gdaniec. Bryton Pleau and Michael Plazek were the MVPs in Senior Boys Volleyball, while Liam Osmond was named MIP and Lukas MacIntosh was named MPP.

In Varsity Girls Rugby, Felicity Tozer was named MVP, while Bridget was the MDP. Rebecca Allen was the MIP, while Alexis Foley was named MPP. Erin Kelly and Matthew Unrau were the MVPs in Varsity Cross Country. In Grade 8 Cross Country, Mya LaRiviere and Justin Wrigglesworth were the MVPs, while Alexander Goyette was the MDP. Mackenzie Godin Goldberg and Arianna Dunlay were the MVPs in Bantam Girls Basketball.

In Grade 8 Girls Volleyball, the MVPs were Abigail Vanderhoek and Kyra Vincent, while Noelia Drury and Abbie McGrath were the MPPs. Mira Stules was named MDP, while Abigail Lewis was the MSP. In Grade 8 Boys Volleyball, the MVPs were Braydon Dougherty, Liam Brannan and Nicolas Price. Joel Adlam was named the MSP. In Junior Girls Volleyball, the MVPs were Anna Gleason and Tristan Mulvihill. Arianna Dunlay and Victoria Storing were named MPPs. Jaiden Smith was named the MSP. Emma Young was named the MVP in Senior Girls Volleyball, while Caitlin Cybulski was the MDP.

In Bantam Girls Volleyball, the MSPs were Kendal Beaupre, Jamie Broome, Ashley Lipke and Leah Verch. In Junior Boys Basketball, Adam Gdaniec and Andrew Plazek were named the MVPs, while Quinn Campbell and Conrad Cybulski were the MPPs. The MDP was Noah Russell, while the MIP was Aden Letourneau. Michael Plazek was named MVP in Senior Boys Basketball, while Nathan Allen was the MSP. Liam Osmond was the MSP, while Eric Plazek was named MPP.

In Varsity Girls Hockey, Shannon O'Grady was the MPP, while Sherry Ethier was named MSP. In Varsity Boys Hockey, Ty Gauthier named MVP, while Conrad Cybulski was the MSP. Aiden Strachan was the MDP, while Kiefer Levasseur was the MPP. In Junior Boys Hockey, Patrick O'Brien was the MDP, while Quinn Campbell was the MSP. Samuel Noel was the MVP in snowboarding. Ashley Lipke and Mariaah Barnes-Keeping were the MVPs in Varsity Curling. In Alpine Skiing, Ariana Hurley named MVP, while Ellie Gagne and Hanah Young were the MPPs. In Nordic Skiing, Nicholas Rose was the MIP and Kade MacWilliams was the MSP.

In Grade 8 Girls Basketball. Ruby Pilatzke and Abbie McGrath were the MVPs, while Sofia Parcher and Gabrielle Bouffard were named MPPs. Zoe Gallant and Larkynne Merrill were the MSPs. In Grade 8 Boys Basketball, Abram Gleason was the MVP, while Quinn McCann and Ty Schilling were named MDPs. Justin Wrigglesworth was named MPP, while Joel Adlam and Ashleigh Hamilton were the MSPs.

In Grade 9 Badminton, Michael Simpson was the MDP, Dylan Ouellet was the MIP and Myah Peplinski was the MSP. In Grade 10/11 Badminton, Olivia Parcher was the MDP. The MPPs were Alyssa Berger, Morgan Campbell, Mathew Bergin, Eric Plazek, Nikko Deschamps, Ashley Lipke, Rheanna Phillips, Rem List, Matthew Unrau, Samuel Noel, Meara Ryan and Hanah Young. The MVPs in Varsity/Grade 12 Open Badminton were Jonah Bejjany, Hunter Halliday, Michael Plazek and Bryton Pleau. In Grade 8 Badminton, the MVPs were Sofia Parcher, Kaylee Warren, Ryan Unrau and Liam Brannan. The MPPs were Quinn McCann and Kobe Mason. The MSP was Braydon Dougherty, while Karsyn Keetch and Joel Adlam were the MIPs.

In Junior Girls Soccer, Karlina Kerr and Tristan Mulvihill were named MVPs, while Victoria Storing was the MSP and Meara Ryan was the MDP. Kirstin Regier and Emma Young were the MVPs in Senior Girls Soccer. In Junior Boys Soccer, Conrad Cybulski and Benjamin Edwards were named MVPs, while Andrew Plazek and Jacob Quilty were the MIPs. The MDP was Nicholas Collier, while Jonathan MacIntosh was the MPP.

In Senior Boys Soccer, Eric Plazek and Chase Ogilvie were the MVPs, while Jonah Bejjany and Ty Gauthier were the MPPs. Kiefer Levasseur was named MSP, while Michael Plazek was the MDP. In Track and Field, Alexis Foley and Brayden Schimmens were the MVPs, while Tara Bradley and Elizabeth Kelly were the MPPs. Katrina Slusar was named MDP. In Co-Ed Softball, the MVPs were Morgan Campbell, Brayden Schimmens, Kirstin Regier and Zachary McMillan.


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