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The Outdoors Guy: Moose hunting just around the corner

By Jeff Morrison

Brian Houle of Stittsville poses proudly with the giant bull moose he harvested in the North Bay-area during bow season.

Brian Houle of Stittsville poses proudly with the giant bull moose he harvested in the North Bay-area during bow season.

Things certainly have changed in the moose woods of Ontario and Quebec, but that does not mean hunters have thrown in the towel.
The pursuit of the elusive moose remains an activity for the highly motivated regardless of where you are. It is a special hunt indeed requiring patience, skill and a thorough knowledge of your hunt territory. Moose hunters immerse themselves fully in the north woods often portaging great distances to access prime moose country; with the goal (tag permitting) of enticing a large bull through vocalization and use of scents. During the peak of the rut many dominant bull moose are hesitant to present themselves for a quality harvest opportunity. Hunters heading north this month and early into October are praying for cool weather and light winds; to lay the groundwork for one of the most exciting time of year. Even though restrictions have tightened greatly in this province, hunters still find a way to make it out, somewhere.
Ontario moose enthusiasts are feeling the pinch of late, especially in areas to the north and many Ottawa Valley sportsmen are considering Quebec for hunting Bullwinkle this fall. Moose hunters aren’t just highly-dedicated; they are also on the lookout for new and exciting locales to pursue the Canadian icon known as the majestic moose.

Although the province of Ontario still boasts good moose opportunities in many regions, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s announcement on the status of moose in recent years has left more than a few hunters with growing concern. The tag system has nearly grinded to a halt with so few tags available, it’s become nearly impossible for hunt camps to function. On the Quebec-side with its alternating harvest years and standard two non-resident tags per animal does look enticing. Access to Crown Land for a non-resident, however, is quite difficult and I would suggest retaining the services of one the many moose outfitters. For more information;

Launch of official Outdoors Guy website
It has taken over 20 years to ‘get with the times’ but I am proud to finally announce the launch of my new site: The Outdoors Guy–Official Website of Jeff Morrison. Having a central hub which readers may peruse and use as a launching pad is so very important these days and, courtesy of Mrs. Outdoors Guy’s ingenuity, I now have that hub up and-running! Perhaps the most exciting thing about my new website is the re-boot of the popular Outdoors Guy Blog, which started back in 2009 after my Ottawa SUN column was put to rest. So, I invite all hunting and fishing fanatics of the Ottawa Valley to visit my new website and please subscribe so you’ll stay connected. I will be running some interesting contests (with prizes) in the coming weeks and would hate for anyone to miss out. Also check-out other website features such as books, published works, press reviews, photo gallery and my sponsors and support page. My latest blog post looks at the annual hunt camp phenomenon. Hope to see you there:

Valley waterfowl salute
Each September I send out a tip of the hat to waterfowl hunters just so they won’t feel left out. There are hundreds of duck and goose enthusiasts out there each fall, rain or shine, crouched motionless behind a camouflaged boat or camo duck blind. The age-old tradition of calling and decoying is an art that rarely makes the pages of any hunting journal, let alone the local paper, and with migratory bird season soon under way, we pay tribute to those die-hard duck and goose hunters. Not everyone has the drive or ambition to do it, but those who do are rewarded with the sights, sounds and smells of Ontario hinterland during early fall. For information on waterfowl season and opening dates, log onto:

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