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Vallerie Sherman: A Heart-felt performance

Rick Wharton

By Rick Wharton, Special to The Daily Observer

Talented artist Vallerie Sherman performs as Ann Wilson of Heart in the tribute band Just Heart which takes to the Festival Hall stage in Pembroke Saturday night.

Talented artist Vallerie Sherman performs as Ann Wilson of Heart in the tribute band Just Heart which takes to the Festival Hall stage in Pembroke Saturday night.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rick Wharton, actor, comedian, radio personality, The Conspiracy Guy, and Festival Hall director, brings The Daily Observer readers exclusive interviews with some of the acts coming to Festival Hall. Instead of traditional story format, these pieces are brought to you in the question and answer format in the same way the interviews took place. So let's be a fly on the wall and hear what Canadian singer-songwriter Vallerie Sherman had to say during her '10 minutes with Rick.'
* * *
Steeped in a musical and cultural heritage, Vallerie Sherman is the granddaughter of accomplished fiddler the late Chester Corbett, who is considered one of the best fiddle players in the world. Her father was a member of the Mohawk peoples. Vallerie is an accomplished guitarist, vocalist and songwriter in her own right but she hasn’t always had it easy as her life has been full of many twists and turns. She was placed in a foster home as a child under the care of a loving, musical family which is just another coincidental happening in a life that has led Vallerie to her current path as an artist and a teacher.
* * *
Rick: It’s great to talk to you and have you coming up to Festival Hall this Saturday with your other band Just Heart - an amazing tribute show of Heart songs. How many of Heart’s hit singles do you perform?
Vallerie: So many...back-to-back hits. We are thrilled to share the bill with Ottawa's Rumours band, a tribute to Fleetwood Mac.
Rick: How long have we been together?
Vallerie: Just Heart has been together for three years now and is still going strong.
Rick: Why are you singing Ann Wilson? As well, tell the readers what will the show look like?
Vallerie: One good reason I always say, is that everywhere I seemed to go people would say I have the same look as Ann Wilson. ‘I really thought you were her.’ It seemed to carry over to adding a few Heart songs to my live show, so after many months of adding Heart songs, we decided to continue with a whole show called Just Heart. When you come to our live show you will see that we take pride in a lot of bright colours and clothing changes to suit what Ann and Nancy wore back in the day.
Rick: You had some success with your project Valerie and Dream Catchers. I know we played and featured a lot of the record on CHIP FM -  singles Broken Hearted and the ballad Broken and Rik Emmett's song Saved By Love (your great  cover version) and now the new release, Dangerzone is coming out. Can you tell us about that?
Vallerie: Yes, thank you so much. Thanks to you and CHIP FM for the amazing support. This album is slated for released this week by Backstage productions, Trilogy Records with 15 original tracks about life and relationships. I’m so excited. As a songwriter my passion is writing about topics that inspire and help women and relationships, kind off like a singing ‘Dear Abby’ of sorts. Our title track is Dangerzone. Please check it out under Facebook under Vallerie with two ll’s and our website Vallerie.ca.
Rick: People may not know because of your own musical background (rock and pop), being married to Buzz Sherman from Moxy, they may overlook you for where you came from and your roots. You are a First Nations artist and have a wonderful tribute to Canada and First Nations on your website. How did that come to be?
Vallerie: My father was a member of the First Nations Peoples of the Mohawk tribe. (http://communities.knet.ca/akwesasne) Being a songwriter hasn’t always been easy. Life has been full of many twists and turns. They say that one of my greatest assets is my stick-to-itive attitude which has led me into writing many songs relating to issues that give me my inspiration and some great opportunities. As a child, I was placed in a Foster Home under the care of a loving musical family, just another coincidental ingredient in the potpourri of my life’s mysteries that have led me to this current path as an artist and a teacher. How did that come to be? I was fortunate to be involved with such a group of friends like yourself Rick Wharton and Steve Thompson that believe in me enough to inspire me to carry on with my music and keep writing songs and that’s why I’m still here. Thank you for your passion in Canadian music which you have been a fixture in.
Rick: You are one versatile artist I encourage everyone to check out your website http://vallerie.ca and where can people find out about Just Heart online?
Vallerie: Thanks. vallerie.ca and people can find out our tribute act Just Heart online on Facebook, Just Heart.
* * *
Just Heart – A Tribute To Heart with special guests Rumours, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, performs this Saturday, Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Festival Hall in Pembroke. For tickets call the box office at 613-735-2182.

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