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PIGS bringing Pink Floyd tribute show to Pembroke

By Celina Ip

PIGS will be performing at Festival Hall on Nov. 9.

PIGS will be performing at Festival Hall on Nov. 9.

PIGS will bring the Dark Side Of The Moon to Festival Hall this November.


Named after a song from Pink Floyd’s 1977 album ‘Animals’, PIGS touts themselves as “Canada's most authentic Pink Floyd tribute – an authentic re-creation of the incredible music of Pink Floyd from 1968-1994”.

Currently on their 30-date Left + Right East Coast tour, the B.C.-based tribute band will be paying a visit to Pembroke’s Festival Hall on Nov. 9, during which they’ll liven up the theatre with a memorable musical experience that will delight Pink Floyd fans both new and old.

According to the band’s founder Josh Szczepanowski – who portrays Pink Floyd lead signer and guitarist David Gilmour – they rightfully honour the band through the use of authentic gear, lights, lasers, visuals, sounds and the glow of a giant Mr. Screen.

“We bring a really authentic show that is very much the way that it used to be for them in the late 70s – accuracy is the right word for it. We don’t say anything onstage that they never said and we don’t do anything that they didn’t ever do, we try to stick to being as realistic as we possibly can be,” said Szczepanowski. “We bring the big screens and the lasers and play the songs the same way that they did – which I think is quite exciting for people. We actually get a lot of people who did see Pink Floyd back in the '70s or the '90s when they were touring, then afterwards they’ll shake our hands and say that they were really pleased with the show and compare us rather favourably to the band – which is really surprising and gratifying.”

The tribute band will be pounding out selections from the extensive Floydian catalogue — classics such as Money, Shine On, and Wish You Were Here — as well as a few tunes from Floyd solo records.

In addition to those hot hits from legendary albums like Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall, the band will showcase material that has rarely—if ever—been performed live by Pink Floyd themselves.

“We try to make a set list that makes sense, works really well and covers as much ground as we possibly can,” said Szczepanowski.

Szczepanowski expressed that their aim is to flawlessly emulate the band and keep the magic of Pink Floyd’s live shows alive for other generations to experience.

“We're not just fooling around up there, we’re very serious about doing them justice and it's something that we all take very seriously, and I think it comes across really well to the audience,” he said.

As this will be the band's first visit to Pembroke, they’re eager to wow a brand new audience with their authentic tribute to the ‘70s rock icons that introduced the world to the Dark Side Of The Moon.

“It's always a bit of a thrill going into a new place because we never know what to expect and it’s always an adventure,” said Szczepanowski. “I think Pink Floyd means an awful lot to a lot of people and it's really exciting to keep that going, especially now that they're done. It's a way to keep the flame alive and share that with everybody.”

To purchase tickets, visit or call 613-735-2182.


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