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MRC Pontiac shuffles the deck

By Stephen Uhler, The Daily Observer

Pontiac County (MRC Pontiac) municipalities reshuffled the decks of their respective councils as a result of Sunday's Quebec municipal elections.


Winning the contest for the first-ever elected warden of MRC Pontiac was Jane Toller, who won a convincing victory over her challengers, receiving 3,528 votes. Raymond Durocher placed second with 1,358, with Linda Davis coming in third with 1,022 votes.

Charlotte L'Écuyer came in fourth with 842 votes, while Pierre Frechette rounded out the contenders with 802 votes.

L'Isle Aux Allumettes was the scene of some political drama, as Mayor Winston Sunstrum faced Kevin Vickers and Coun. Geneviève O'Brien as they sought to oust him from the head of council.

In the end, Sunstrum was re-elected with 342 votes, with Vickers collecting 286 and O'Brien 247.

Three incumbent councillors were re-elected; Louis Lair, Roger Lavoie and Patrick Tallon. Lair defeated Edward Tierney 449 votes to 407; Lavoie fended off Philip Perry 513 votes to 346; and Tallon beat Robert Chafe 471 votes to 382.

Two others on council went down in defeat. Coun. Marc Deslauriers lost his seat to Mariette Sallafranque, who defeated him 528 votes to 326, while Coun. Andre Vaillancourt was beaten by Patrick Montgomery 613 votes to 256.

Council candidate Nancy McGuire defeated Eldon Adam 518 votes to 337.

In Chichester, Mayor Donald Gagnon and councillor Louis Schryer were acclaimed.

Incumbents Jacques Fleury and Neil Maloney were re-elected. Fleury defeated Janet Fleury 143 votes to 62, while Maloney beat Glen Gagnon 133 votes to 71.

Rounding out the council chamber, Dustin Denault defeated Theresa Wynne Trail 114 votes to 86; Chrissy Ann Payne won against Gail Gagnon Martin 128 votes to 75; and Corey Bissonnette won a seat with 126 votes over Melanie Jones' 76 votes.

In Sheenboro, Doris Ranger was acclaimed mayor, as were councillors Dick Edwards, John Brennan, Karen Shea and candidate Lorna Brennan Agnesi.

Incumbent Lawrence Gleason defeated challenger Neil Meehan 78 votes to 69 to retain his seat. Rick Bradshaw defeated Donald Krieger 90 votes to 58 to get onto council.

In Waltham, Mayor David Rochon and the entire slate of candidates for council was acclaimed. For the next four years, Brenda Landry, Gerard Pharand, Ramona Marion, Odette Godin, Elwood Allard, and Pierre Gauthier will serve the municipality.

In Campbell's Bay, two councillors vied for the mayor's seat, with Maurice Beauregard defeating Lisa Dagenais 242 votes to 220.

Incumbent Raymond Pilon defeated Stephane Barbarie 267 votes to 197 to keep his seat, while Coun. Timothy Ferrigan was acclaimed to council.

Rounding out the rest of council: Jean-Pierre Landry defeated Scott Laporte 274 votes to 180; Stephanie Herbert-Shea beat Richard Gratton 283 votes to 175; Lois Smith won, downing Michel Dubeau 245 to 221; and Suzanne Dubeau-Pilon received 227 votes, defeating Cletus Ferrigan (164) and Julie Anglehart (73).

In Litchfield, Mayor Colleen Larivière was re-elected after she defeated Brian Corriveau 208 votes to 147.

Donald Graveline held onto his seat by downing his opponent Charles Stephens 195 votes to 154 votes. John Stitt received 134 votes to get on council, defeating Robert Brisebois (81 votes), Guylaine Marcil (73) and Richard Crawford (65).

Acclaimed were incumbents Terry Racine, Denis Dubeau, Joseph John Belanger and Emile Morin.

Fort Coulonge voted in a new mayor, as Gaston Allard took office with 585 votes, easily defeating Jacques Masseau who had 214 votes.

Coun. Gilles Beaulieu was defeated by Christine Francoeur, who received 630 votes to his 170. Incumbent Pierre Vaillancourt was reelected with 413 votes, enough to beat Melissa Lemay and her 386 votes.

Gaetan Graveline, Debbie Laporte, Nathalie Denault and Lise A. Romain were all acclaimed to council.

At L'Île-du-Grand-Calumet (Calumet Island), Mayor Paul-Émile Maleau was defeated by Serge Newberry 144 to 125. Incumbent council member Mario Tremblay also lost in his bid for the mayor's job, collecting 105 votes, with Lina Lacroix-Ricard receiving 51 votes.

Rejean Meilleur defeated two other candidates to win a seat on council; he had 203 votes, compared to Brian Duval's 126 votes, and Jenevieve Lemaire's 93 votes.

Patrice Dumouchel also fended off two others; he received 225 votes, with Anik Boulanger getting 138 and Sylvain Tremblay with 64 votes.

Incumbent Richard LaSalle lost to Elle James Azola Moanking 214 votes to 208; Martin Bertrand defeated Lyne Tremblay 278 to 148 votes; and Mona Donnelly and Mario Berard were both acclaimed.

In Portage du Fort, sitting Mayor Lynne Cameron was re-elected, defeating Nicole Racine Thompson 94 votes to 88, while incumbent Gerald Manwell was also re-elected, beating Edward Thompson 93 votes to 89 to stay on council.

Cody Coughlin defeated Frank Sofalvi 134 votes to 47 to get on council. Incumbents Jacques Guerette and Alan Farrell were both acclaimed, as were council candidates Debra Greenshields and Sharon Goodfellow Brinkworth.

In Rapides Des Joachims, Mayor James Gibson defeated March Deschesnes 56 votes to 37, the only incumbent to remain in office.

Coun. Anne-Marie Buttler was defeated by Doris May Larochelle 55 votes to 38; Coun. Dale Levesque lost his seat to Maureen Sarrazin 70 votes to 23; and Coun. Carole Desnoyers lost to Paul-Andre Paquette 56 votes to 36.

Noel Leclerc, who was a sitting councillor defeated in 29013, regained his seat by beating Annie Morin 51-42.

In Shawville, Mayor Sandra A. Murray retained her seat after deflecting a challenge from Coun. William McCleary, who lost 360 votes to 344.

Acclaimed to council were incumbents Peggie Sheppard, Bill Hobbs and Patti Moffat, as well as new candidates Keith Harris and Denzil Yeoh.

Jaime Christie defeated Donna Andrew 571 to 127 votes for the last council seat.

Other election results in MRC Pontiac are as follows:

In Alleyn-et-Cawood, incumbent Mayor Carl Mayer defended his seat, beating Joseph Squitti 101 to 50 votes, and Coun. Karen Montague Milford, who received 36 votes.

Incumbents Susan Tanner and Sidney Squitti were both acclaimed to their council seats, as was rookie Grace Becky Early.

Three other incumbents didn't fare as well, as all were defeated.

Coun. Ricky Lafleur lost to Jason Emery 111 votes to 73; Coun. Ronnie Lafleur was edged by three votes to John Emery (94 to 91); and Coun. Christopher Salt was downed by Mona Giroux-Woodstock 108 to 76 votes.

In Bristol, Mayor Brent Orr was acclaimed, along with incumbent councillors Phillip Holmes, Colette O'Malley, Greg Graham, Brian Coun. Drummond and first-time council member Archie Greer.

Coun. Debbie Kilgour had to fend off a challenge from Kenneth Bernard, but did so successfully, defeating him 244 votes to 227.

In Bryson, Mayor Alain Gagnon retained his seat through acclamation, as did Coun. David Miljour and Joanne Ralston. Council newcomer Jian Zhang was also acclaimed.

Incumbent councillors Wayne Cameron and Paul Gauthier successfully defended their seats; Cameron easily fended off Robert Germain 220 votes to 62, while Gauthier had a fighton his hands before downing Suzanne Romain 143 to 137.

Coun., Pierre Graveline went down to defeat by Diane Tourangeau Lance, who beat him 175 votes to 114.

In Clarendon, Coun. John Armstrong defeated Gerald F. Dagg 347 to 240 to claim the mayor's position, while incumbents Coun. Mavis Hanna and Phillip Elliott were acclaimed to retain their seats.

Coun. James Howard lost his seat to Jonathan Dagg 322 to 256 votes, while Coun. Kevin Knox went down to defeat at the hands of Edward Walsh 302 to 186. Luc Lapointe was third with 88 votes.

Candidates Rick Younge and Eric Smith were both acclaimed.

In Mansfield-et-Pontefract, Coun. Gilles Dionne defeated Mayor Kathleen Bélec 812 to 312 votes to take charge of the municipality, while trailing in third place in the race for the mayor's chair was Terence Levesque with 158 votes.

Incumbent councillors Garry Ladouceur and Claudette Beland defended their seats successfully: Ladouceur defeated Richard Morrissette 673 to 610, while Beland with 768 votes fended off challengers Gaetan Fortin (456) and Louis-Philippe Fortin (64).

Incumbent Neil Gervais lost his place in council to Sandra Armstrong, who defeated him 685 votes to 599.

Council candidate Kim Laroche beat Leslie Belair 827 votes to 453, Luc Sicard defeated Rene Ladouceur 709 to 573 for a council seat, and Brian Boisvert was acclaimed.

In Otter Lake, mayoralty candidate Kim Cartier-Villeneuve was acclaimed to the position, along with Desiree Tremblay, Ivan Leblanc and incumbent Vicky Dubeau for councillor positions.

Two other incumbents were knocked out of their council seats: Jennifer Vadneau was defeated by Kathleen Gauthier 279 to 237 votes; while Jacques Gauthier was displaced by Robin Zacharias 384 to 132 votes.

Carlen Lafleur defeated Rachel Lapointe 269 votes to 244 to claim the last seat on council.

In Thorne, incumbent mayor Terence Murdock was upset by Coun. Karen Daly Kelly, who defeated him 244 votes to 126.

In the fight for council seats, Coun. Deborah Stafford defended hers from Shawn Kluke 229 votes to 132, while Coun. Marguerite Born was soundly defeated by Megane Bretzlaff 282 votes to 88.

Robert Wills downed Robert Cyrus Black 284 votes to 96; Marsha Steinke Bean defeated Darren Knox 248 to 109; Robert Charette beat Daniel Soroka 244 votes to 117; and Jammie-Lee Coursol defeated Robert Blaskie 212 votes to 142. 

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