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Letters: Reader offers praise for story, another thinks Commemoration of Reformation service should have been something else

By Pembroke Daily Observer

Praise for story

On behalf of The War Amps, I would like to commend reporter Stephen Uhler for his article (see The Pembroke Daily Observer November 23 issue) featuring Megan Mantha, a local member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, and CHAMP graduate, Jolan Wong.
The War Amps was founded in 1918 by war amputee veterans returning home from the First World War. Today, the association continues to serve war amputees, and all Canadian amputees, including children. Stories like this inform the public of our many programs and resources, which exist through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service.
Thank you for bringing awareness of the CHAMP Program to your readers, and showing that the sky is the limit for amputees like Megan and Jolan.
Danita Chisholm
Executive director, CHAMP Program - The War Amps


Reader says: Commemoration of the Reformation not that effective

A “Commemoration of the Reformation” such as occurred in St. Columbkille’s Cathedral on Oct. 28th will never replace what really needs to be done to unite Catholics with our beloved non-Catholic brethren.
There is only one thing that will assure that we all become one, as Jesus wants, and that is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as willed by God Himself, through the six apparitions of Our Lady to the three children in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, winding up with the Oct. 13 Miracle of the Sun, witnessed by 70,000 people, and widely reported in even the secular newspapers at the time.
Archbishop Terrence Prendergast made an important step in the right direction in Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa toward this end, with all the bishops of Canada on Sept. 28, when he consecrated our nation to Our Lady; and the common prayer service in Pembroke of Oct. 28 would have been far more effective if the consecration of our diocese to Our Lady would have been made instead.
Ultimately it is only the Pope, Vicar of Christ on Earth, that can make this worldwide consecration, simultaneously with all the bishops of the world - - and it will be done, as Our Lady told Lucia, the longest lived Fatima seer, but Our Lady said, “It will be late.”
She promised when it is finally done, we will have world peace. The “best laid plans of mice and men” will not avail.
We love our Protestant brothers and sisters, but it is not fair to withhold the truth from them, that the Catholic Church is the one true Church, that Martin Luther schismed from in 1517, and that in order to fulfil Jesus’ wish, they must enter into His Church, the only one He founded.
Yvonne Dienesch

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