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Pembroke among Canada's Top 40 Happiest Places

By Celina Ip

The City of Pembroke is hashtag happy.


Coming in at number 30 on’s ‘The 40 #Happiest Places in Canada’ list, the quaint Ottawa Valley community finds itself in the company of Victoria, B.C. (27) and finds itself ranked ahead of places like Vancouver, B.C. (38) and Kingston, ON (40).

“It was very exciting for us to see Pembroke on this list because we obviously believe that the city is a great one,” said Heather Sutherland, City of Pembroke tourism and communications officer. “This really speaks to what a great place that Pembroke is and obviously we're very excited to be able to share this news with people, because this is literally happy news.”

According to Expedia, they determined the happiest places in Canada after sorting through over 100,000 social media conversations for hashtags like #cheerful, #happy, and #blessed, among others.

“We've been on lists before, especially for the natural elements in the area because nature certainly shines in the whole Ottawa Valley – with our proximity to Algonquin Park and having three beautiful rivers in the area,” said Sutherland. “So I think it's really neat to tie it to an emotional response by using the hashtags for this list because it shows that not only is it beautiful but you feel great when you're here – enough to talk about it and share it on social media.”

Earning the most hashtags to be listed as Canada's number one happiest place was Alberta’s stunning rocky mountain community of Lake Louise and Banff, known for the cozy lodges, gorgeous vistas and crisp mountain air.

For Pembroke, better known as the ‘Heart of the Ottawa Valley’, the community garnered its social media attention from its local pride and for being an outdoor haven well-known for its ecotourism options.

“It’s reiterating the fact that Pembroke is a great place and it's a happy place, but also that it's engaging enough for people that they feel the need to write about their experiences on social media and use those hashtags,” said Sutherland. “When you have a good mix of culture and entertainment and recreation and the outdoors, that leads to a happy life and a happy environment. So it's great to see that the internet also agrees and that people are obviously spending time in the city and enjoying their experience here. There’s a lot of valley pride here.”



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