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City gets winter control program underway

By Pembroke Daily Observer

Now that winter has returned to the Ottawa Valley, the city of Pembroke is reminding people their winter control programs are now fully in effect.


In a press release, Chris Mantha, the city's Supervisor of Roads and Fleet, stated each winter season, city staff work diligently to clear snow from city streets and sidewalks in an efficient and cost effective manner.

“Pembroke's operations department endeavors to provide consistent, reliable service as follows: plow and treat (salt or sand) city streets in a prioritized order to allow traffic to flow safely and efficiently before, during and after a snow event; maintain city streets throughout the winter season in a cost effective manner, using advanced technologies, and materials; clear snow from City sidewalks in a prioritized order so residents can walk safely during the winter months. Sidewalks are sanded to help provide traction,” he stated.

Mantha said during winter thaw events, staff work to promote drainage of the roadway, and to maintain the driving surface of the streets.

He said the operations department sometimes needs to conduct winter control activities on the streets and sidewalks even when there is no snow event happening. This is done to ensure an adequate surface for traffic and in preparation for the next event.

“It is sometimes necessary to pre-treat the streets with material to prevent bonding of snow and ice, for an upcoming snow event,” Mantha said. “This allows staff time to get trucks mobile to respond when the event starts.”

He said widening the streets by pushing back the snow banks is often required to ensure adequate snow storage and to help with visibility for vehicles. City plows clear the roadways as well as the shoulder and boulevards during snow clearing operations.

Mantha said to help with this important task, residents are asked to be mindful of the following:

Please do not park your vehicle on the roadway especially during and after a snow event. It is difficult for the snow plow operator to clear the roadway properly with cars parked on the street.

Do not park on or too close to the sidewalk. The sidewalk plow needs sufficient room to maneuver, to be able to clear the sidewalk sufficiently.

Place garbage, yellow, blue and green bins five to six feet back from the curb or roadside and in the driveway so the plow can pass without upsetting the garbage bins. Do not place bins on the snow bank or sidewalk.

Please do not shovel snow onto the roadway. Keep snow on your property. 

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