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Letters to the editor: The question is not to plow, but how

By Pembroke Daily Observer

I relocated from Toronto after picking Pembroke as a place to live. That was 10 years ago.
Pembroke is a wonderful place but there’s something Toronto did years ago that I think should be done here.
Mel Lastman, who led North York for 25 years and Toronto for another six instructed the city snowplows to not plow your driveway full of snow. (Editor: Lastman once said that you couldn’t keep your city great by telling seniors to shovel windrows that you've put at the end of their driveway.)
Surely Pembroke and Mayor Mike Lemay could do the same. How much extra it would cost us?
I’m a senior who dutifully removes all of my driveway of snow right up to the street edge only to have the plow come along later and fill in the end of the driveway with snow. I’ve already moved my snow!
Toronto’s mayor knew it was not fair and had a study done and it was not that much more money. It just meant the plow driver have to be a little more careful. Their plows had a side arm which they would lift at each driveway. Granted it does take a little more time but residents were very happy. 
Surely our city councillors and the mayor can look into this and ensure that the city works department does alter a bit the method of plowing. I am positive it can be done.
Bill Halkett

Saying thanks to the PRH staff
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the hospital staff members in the emergency room and the third floor nursing staff for the devoted care and professional attention that was given to me during my recent stay at Pembroke Regional Hospital.
As well, I extend thanks to surgeon Dr. Erica Lee for being professional and informative with my care.
Kindness came through my door with every staff member that checked in on me.
Again thank you for your support.
Merrill Allard
Chapeau, Que.


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