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LETTERS: Area residents react to Mike Coates challenging Cheryl Gallant for Conservative nomination in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke

By Pembroke Daily Observer

Unsavoury politics as usual, in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke

Most of the citizens in the riding are probably unaware that the sitting federal MP, Cheryl Gallant, is being challenged to be the Conservative party’s nominee in the next federal election planned for June 2019. This is the first time this has occurred since Ms. Gallant became the Reform Party’s nominee back in 2000, some five elections ago. I thought it was healthy for the riding’s democracy, when the challenger, Mr. Coates announced his candidacy a mere two weeks before Christmas.

It hasn’t taken long for our riding’s experiment in direct democracy to begin a downward spiral.

I’ll let you make your own judgment.

As a Conservative Party of Canada member located in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, I was shocked to receive notification from the national party headquarters late last week, of the closing date for selling memberships for the FIRST competitive Conservative nomination process in 20 years. The challenger has less than three weeks to make his case to Conservative Party members in the riding and sell enough memberships to win. This, when the process only formally started days before Christmas.

This is stunning and absolutely ridiculous! We all know the federal election isn’t for at least another 15 months.

As things stand now, I have no doubt the riding executive will see to it that the nomination meeting will be scheduled in the north end of the riding on some snowy night in late February. This is a big riding! We all know it takes two hours to drive from one end of this riding to the other. Holding this in February could be dangerous.

The timeline for the nomination process is without precedent. There’s simply no justification for it. Let’s take 90 days, not 30, and get this right. In a riding like ours, positive progressive leadership is an absolute necessity now more than ever.

J. Hugh Brownlee

White Lake

Standing behind Cheryl Gallant

Regarding Mike Coates's meet and greet in Barry's Bay on Jan. 22. We were not there to support Mr. Coates, but rather to question him on why he is trying to oust one of the best liked and hardest working MPs that we have seen?

She (MP Cheryl Gallant) has never failed to help any person who has called on her in the riding of Renfrew County to our knowledge. Just to ask for change for the sake of change is pure folly. All you have to do is look at the outcome of the last federal election.

In our humble opinion Mr. Coates and many others in both federal and provincial politics; Liberal and Conservative parties are trying to remove her. Because, she is one of the last great Social Conservatives who refuses to be whipped into toeing the "Progressive" line.

It is very difficult these days to see or find any difference between the progressive Conservatives and the Liberals. All of the three major parties seem to be tuned to leading the Canadian population down the road to the one world order and government, namely Agenda 21, the United Nations resolution brought forth and signed by most nations in 1992.

John H. Jeffrey, Barry's Bay

Albert Kruschenske, Pembroke 

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