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Results from 2018 Bonnechere Cup

By Celina Ip

The 2018 Bonnechere Cup top three Pro Champ winners celebrate their victories by raining champagne on one another. Pictured (from left) are Andrew Darraugh (placed third), Felipe Roy-LaLonde (placed first), and Jason Lavallee (placed second).

The 2018 Bonnechere Cup top three Pro Champ winners celebrate their victories by raining champagne on one another. Pictured (from left) are Andrew Darraugh (placed third), Felipe Roy-LaLonde (placed first), and Jason Lavallee (placed second).

EGANVILLE – Top snowmobile racers tackled the ice-covered oval at the Eganville Sno-Drifters Club for the 44th annual Bonnechere Cup last weekend.
A staple since 1974, the Bonnechere Cup snowmobile event is the only one of its kind in Canada and part of a larger competitive circuit.
This year’s event took place from Feb. 16 to 18 and welcomed more than 80 racers, ranging in age from four to 67 years old. The competitors came from all parts of Ontario, Quebec and as far as New York and New Hampshire to take part in the elite snowmobile event.
The competition featured a wide array of racing events catered to various skill levels, classes, ages and the different types of snowmobile or ATV models.
The feature Pro Champ race for the prestigious Bonnechere Cup itself put the exclamation point on a great weekend of racing.
Winning his first Bonnechere Cup title was Felipe Roy-LaLonde of St.-Jude, Quebec. A close second was Jason Lavallee of Drummondville, Quebec, Placing third was Andrew Darraugh of Whitney, Ontario.
“Two weeks ago we were not even sure if we would race and now to be here on the highest step of the podium is an awesome feeling,” said Roy-LaLonde, who has been racing for more than 10 years.
Watching from the sidelines were hundreds of spectators who attended the three-day event to cheer on their friends, family members and other racers while enjoying the high-speed, adrenaline-fuelled entertainment.
Eganville Sno-Drifters Club president Zach Plotz attributed the excellent turnout to the weekend’s weather which was mild, but still below the freezing mark.
“We've had trouble with weather the last couple of years so this year we really lucked out, especially looking at the long-range forecast,” said Plotz.
As the horn sounded and the green flag was waved for each race, the competitors revved up their engines and shot across the icy terrain as they weaved around the tight turns and attempted to speed past their opponents.
According to Plotz, the competition went off without a hitch thanks to the Sno-Drifters Club, the 130 volunteers and the Ontario Snowmobile Oval Racers (OSOR) who sanctioned the event.
“Thanks to all of the volunteers, supporters, spectators and everyone who helped make this 44th Bonnechere Cup a success,” said Plotz.

The following are the top results from the 44th annual Bonnechere Cup:

  • Junior 120: 1. Shelby Neitzel 2.Noah Lavigueur 3.Cam Clark 4. Mason Dunn
  • Junior f 340: 1. Mason Potter 2.Spencer Loshbrook 3.Jack van Hoof 4.Shelby Neitzel
  • Single Cylinder Fan: 1.Steven Desourdy 2.Don Desourdy 3.Tyler Jantz 4.Jonathan Witt
  • Super Mod 300: 1. Ross Buchanan 2. Doug Zadow
  • Single Cylinder Mikuni: 1. Kyle Reynolds
  • Stock Fan 440: 1. Jeremy Blight 2.Michael Bennett 3.Jason Clark
  • Builder’s Mod X: 1.Ross Buchanan 2.Garry Greene
  • Stock FA 340: 1.Jeff Beech 2.Brandon McMillian 3.Jason Clark 4.Steven Beech
  • Master’s Single Fan: 1. Don Desourdy 2.Mike Stock 3.Jeff Beech 4.Wayne Slute
  • Stock FA 440: 1.Jeremy Blight 2.Brandon McMillian 3.Jason Clark
  • Super Mod Single Fan: 1.Doug Zadow 2.Russ Buchanan
  • Stock Fan 340: 1.Michael Bennett 2. Don Desourdy 3.Mike Stock 4.Stefan Desourdy
  • Mod Single Fan Mod 1: 1.Stefan Desourdy 2.Shelby Riso 3.Kyle Reynolds 4.Jonathan Witt
  • Super Mod 340: 1.Brice Pretzel 2.Troy Dods 3.Barett MacCheyne
  • Super Mod 440: 1.Andrew Darraugh 2.Brice Pretzel 3.Tony Pettinelli 4.David Pettinelli
  • Super Mod Open: 1.Brice Pretzel 2.Carl Blight 3.Maurice Gagne 4.Ron Shilling
  • Super Liquid Mod 340: 1.Brice Pretzel 2.Barrett MacCheyne 3.Mike Gifford 4.Ron Shilling
  • Super Liquid Mod 440: 1.Andrew Darraugh 2.Brice Pretzel 3.Tony Pettinelli 4.Allan Young
  • Sno Pro 340: 1.Brice Pretzel 2.Larry Wilson 3.Sabrina Blanchet 4.Joe Coco
  • Sno Pro 440: 1.Andrew Darraugh 2.Sabrina Blanchet
  • Pro Formula 500: 1.Dominick Antonucci 2.Danick Lambert 3.Hunter Cronston 4.Marcus Buelow
  • Semi Pro Formula 500: 1.Danick Lambert 2.Hunter Cronston 3.Marcus Buelow 4.Geordy Dingman
  • Pro Champ: 1.Felipe Roy-Lalonde 2.Jason Lavallee 3.Andrew Darraugh 4.Dominick Antonucci
  • Semi Pro Champ: 1.Danick Lambert 2.Sabrina Blanchet 3.Steven Marquis 4.Davis Jennings
  • ATV 4X4 Open Studded: 1.Ryan Verch 2.Michael Hansen 3.Richard Thibodeau 4.Scott Verch

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