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The next great move of God

By Rev. Eric Strachan

There have been revivals without much preaching but there has never been a mighty revival without mighty prayer. - REUBEN A. TORREY

Some of the most prolific people in the world of prophecy have been making some astounding predictions over the last number of months.

Their names may be unfamiliar to many of you, but for those who keep their fingertips on the pulse of what God is saying here in North America to the church and the nations through His spokespersons, the names of Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce are virtually household names.

The prophetic words that are coming from the mouths of these Third Millennium prophets are to say the very least, astonishing! They are predicting for the United States a great spiritual awakening in the land that will overflow into the nations of the world and result in the greatest harvest and influx of people into the kingdom of God, unprecedented in the history of Christianity. Says Sheets on the ‘Breaking Christian News’ website, “I believe we’ll see more people saved in the next 20 years than we have in the previous 2,000. I think it will be in the billions, not the ‘m’ but the ‘b’, the billions. I think Asia is about to get hit with a tidal wave of revival, and I think it’s going right into the Middle East.”

There’s no question about it of course that the United States and Canada are in desperate need of a spiritual awakening, but the question is where does it begin? It was the great revivalist Dr. J. Edwin Orr who once said, “After studying prayer and spiritual awakenings for 60 years I’ve reached this conclusion – whenever God is ready to do something new with His people, He always sets them praying.”

It was back in 1998 that we were building our church in Petawawa. We desperately wanted to see God do something new, so we placed a major emphasis on prayer. As the church’s pastor I believed that God was asking me to begin my day seeking His face, so I determined to be in the yet unfinished building at 6 a.m. every morning.

One fall morning as I was walking around the bare sanctuary in prayer suddenly out of nowhere a leaf blew in through the empty space where the soffit would be installed, and it landed right at my feet. I bent down and picked up the leaf. It was a maple leaf, and it was withered and dying, and in that moment with leaf in hand, God spoke to me and said, “Eric, this leaf is the emblem of your country Canada, but look at it, the leaf is like your nation, it is dying. You must pray for a great awakening.”

God was right back there on that fall morning almost 20 years ago now in His analysis of the nation’s spiritual condition, Canada was dying spiritually, the body had not yet been embalmed, put in a casket and buried, but the Divine prognosis was correct, the nation had a terminal illness, and there was only one remedy – prayer! Indeed if any nation is to rise up from such a condition, prayer is the key.

It was God who said to King Solomon in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that if the day ever came when a nation’s spirituality was to plummet to an all-time low and God would withdraw

His favour then “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” That is still God’s prescription for a national spiritual awakening, God’s people en masse getting on their knees before Him, repenting of their sin in open confession, seeking His forgiveness, and praying with passion for a prodigal nation. Without fail, spiritual awakenings in the Bible and in history have always begun with the people of God bringing themselves back into right relationship with God and in that newly restored relationship with God crying out to Him for their land.

It was Cindy Jacobs who told Dutch Sheets that God wanted him to start the nation’s turnaround on the birthday of the first American President George Washington, which falls on Feb. 22. So nine days ago in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C, Sheets held his first ‘Turnaround’ conference, calling the participants and the nation to engage in prayer without ceasing. It is his firm belief and persuasion through the revelation he has been given from the Holy Spirit that there is a harvest of souls worldwide that will be ushered into the kingdom through this great upcoming move of God. Says Sheets, “I believe it’s this incredible harvest that has been prophesied for so long that we’re moving into now. The best days of the Church are not behind us. They are ahead of us.”

What an incredible joy it will be to see a tsunami wave of revival sweep through Canada touching millions. Let’s not miss what God is about to do. There’s a great move of God coming. The time is right in the nation for a great awakening of unparalleled proportions. Let’s lift our voices up to God and believe Him for this great outpouring of His Spirit! 

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