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Marianhill organizes Grief and Bereavement Support Group

By Celina Ip

Marianhill Long Term Care and Community Programs has founded a Grief and Bereavement Support Group that will run for eight weeks from March 12 to June 20.

Marianhill Long Term Care and Community Programs has founded a Grief and Bereavement Support Group that will run for eight weeks from March 12 to June 20.



The community is invited to join Marianhill in a healing journey through grief and bereavement.

Marianhill Long-Term Care and Community Support Services has founded a Grief and Bereavement Support Group that aims to help people find comfort, validation and the knowledge that they are not alone in their time of grief.

“I did some research and tried to find support groups and there was hardly anything in this area.. there is one in Renfrew Hospice, it's a support group and people just show up but it's very informal from what I’ve gathered. So we thought it would be beneficial to organize this support group and to open it up not only to the family members of the residents who pass at Marianhill, but also to anyone in the community in general,” said Lindsey Robert, social worker at Marianhill.

In a safe, supportive and confidential setting, the Marianhill Grief and Bereavement Support Group will meet bi-weekly for eight sessions.

Free to attend and open to the entire community at large, the sessions will teach participants about the five stags of grief and provide them with healthy coping skills and a support team to help them along the way.

“We know that people don’t fluently go through stages of grief and they kind of intertwine, so we provide them with education in each session to help them cope with the grief and learning about the process and know that they’re all going to experience it differently and that’s normal,” said Robert.

During each session, group members will meet others who have suffered the loss of a loved one, explore their individual grief process and gain knowledge and insight of useful coping skills in the process of healing.

By telling their story and listening to others, participants gain a clearer understanding of their grief and are affirmed in their experiences.

“We're giving them education and tools to use and encouraging participants to share their experiences – so any struggles, any positives things that they want to talk about – they have that time,” said Robert. “Once we provide education and tools and resources for people, they find strength in that and then it kind of shifts. They’re there because they want to get help, they want to support each other but they’re allowed to grieve in healthy way versus an unhealthy way – that's what it's about.”

Each session will be co-facilitated by Robert along with RN (registered nurse) Christine Rossi who both have professional training in grief and bereavement.

Robert stressed that the sessions are open to Marianhill residents and family members along with anyone from the community at large – ranging from 18 years and older. Participants can attend as few or as many sessions as they wish.

“Anyone is welcome to attend and pre-registration is not mandatory – we just ask that they show up so we can provide them with the necessary support,” said Robert. “Also if someone comes late, so say they come on session five and then we have another session that runs, they can continue on for those sessions that they missed. Attendance is on their terms, we're just here to provide the information and support.”

This week launched the first sessions and seven more weeks of bi-weekly sessions will run until June 20th.

“There’s eight sessions and then the last session is like a celebration of life so we ask that they bring in pictures and memory boxes of their loved one,” said Robert. “Then we have a luncheon and a big celebration in memory of their loved ones and encourage them to continue to live life with the memory of their loved ones.”

Evening sessions will take place at Marianhill (600 Cecilia St.), running bi-weekly from March 12 to June 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Daytime sessions will take place at Carefor Mackay Centre (700 Mackay St.), running bi-weekly from March 14 to June 20 from 1 p.m. to 3p.m.

To register, or for more info, contact Lindsey Robert at 613-735-6839 ext. 4317 or send an email to 

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