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Letters: Steve's two great loves

By Pembroke Daily Observer

Steve’s two great loves
I had the sad duty and terrible privilege of eulogizing my friend Steve (Uhler) March 24 and I’m still reeling.
I believe that Steve had two great loves in life – print journalism and Pembroke.
More than a reporter, he was a feature writer, an editor, a local historian. His short-lived column, Steve’s World, he wrote in the style of Dave Barry and inaugurated with a humorous love letter to the original Star Trek. How like him.
There were also times when being a journalist was hard, as when he covered the trial of those involved in the Shidane Arone affair. He confided that it nearly broke him, both as a journalist and a human being.
But through it all he found strength in the friendship of folks in Pembroke, his true home. I think he would be humbled by the awesome outpouring of affection we saw at his celebration of life at the Pembroke Legion on March 24.
Andrew Thornton

Scary spending
Wow, $2.2 billion promised from our “free” spending Premier Kathleen Wynne for preschool. So what’s that now – more than $6 billion promised in the last week?
If, according to Wynne, everything is “free” since she’s promising the world to us now that it’s election time, how did we get to be more than $300 billion in debt paying $1 billion a month in interest alone?
This woman is scary. There is no amount of debt she won’t pile on to us and future generations to win again. She and the “free” spending Liberals have got to go.
Dave Mason

Bilingualism to blame for incompetent government
Re: Why do we just accept incompetence? April 4
The answer to Andrew Cohen’s question is because we are used to it in Ottawa. When the most important qualification for anything in the National Capital Region is bilingualism, we have become complacent with the lack of excellence.
Tina Phillips

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