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Plans to build Renfrew County up

By Celina Ip

With the goal of “Building Renfrew County Up”, changes have been proposed for the county’s asset management plan.


The County’s Corporate Asset Management Plan (CAMP) enables council to make the most cost effective decisions with regards to the maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement of critical infrastructure. Through the Long-Term Financial Management Plan (LTFMP), strategies to provide sustainable funding and support of the multiyear maintenance and capital programs are developed.

As asset management is a continuous process, CAMP asset management data is updated regularly as conditions change in the field, as improvement works are implemented, and as options and costs change over time. Throughout that process, county staff provide regular updates to the appropriate committees and council.

On April 10, during the County of Renfrew’s development and property meeting, Renfrew County director of public works and engineering Steve Boland briefed the committee on a newly proposed section of the plan – entitled “Building Renfrew County Up”.

Boland explained that the current plan largely reflects the needs of the existing infrastructure in its present configuration, but doesn’t look towards the county’s future needs.”

“The current CAMP, as it exists now, does not include room for growth,” said Boland. “For example, under the current asset management plan, County Road 51 (Petawawa Boulevard) exists only in its current form – there is no provision within the asset management plan for re-expansion.”

The new section, “Building Renfrew County Up”, will ensure that the improvement of the county is undertaken in a planned, proactive manner that will support the community for many years into the future. It includes a list of projects that are identified priorities for the County of Renfrew but have not yet been reflected int he County’s CAMP. The projects will also require significant financial resources and will be dependent on funding from external sources.

Listed under Transportation Projects is the expansion of County Road 51, under Property and Land Development Projects is the Pembroke Property Study, under Trail Projects is improvements to the Algonquin Trail, and under Communications Projects is EORN Cell Gap and Public Sector Broadcast Network (PSBN) to eliminate cell gaps in Eastern Ontario and improve broadband data.

“There’s a need to make sure that those projects, such as the expansion of Petawawa Boulevard, are on a prioritized list within our CAMP and that will help us build our case when we go to Ottawa or we go to Toronto and request funding to undertake those expansion projects,” said Boland.

Boland recommended that the new addition of “Building Renfrew County Up” be approved at the April session of County Council.

“If council approves these additions at County Council, the next step is to continue to have conversations with those other levels of government and other funding partners to encourage them to invest in that infrastructure in the County of Renfrew so that we can bring those projects forward and get the construction done,” said Boland. “We are trying to be proactive and trying to encourage ongoing development to improve the lifestyle for the folks that live in Renfrew County.” 

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