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Health care, judges top 2017 Sunshine List

By Sean Chase, The Daily Observer

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According to Ontario's Ministry of Finance, health care administration and judges within Renfrew County topped this year's Sunshine List, the annual accounting of those public sector employees who earned $100,000 or more.

Since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act was passed, the province publishes a list of public sector employees who were paid a salary of $100,000 or more. Organizations that receive public funding from Ontario are required to disclose the names, positions, salaries and taxable benefits of these employees. The purpose of this law is to provide a more open and accountable system of government. This is not a complete list of Renfrew County public sector salaries. The amounts include salaries and any overtime earned.

In local health care, the Pembroke Regional Hospital has 35 employees on the list. President and chief executive officer Pierre Noel remains the top earning employee at the hospital, taking home $303,174.82 in 2017. Other senior administration top earners within the PRH include John Wren, vice-president of finance and corporate services who received $226,896.15, Sabine Mersmann, vice-president of patient services-seniors and community care, who made $147,974, and Francois Lemaire, receiving $147,974 as the vice-president of patient services, acute care and chief nursing executive. Physiatrist Deborah Timpson earned $135,079.35.

Six members of the Deep River and District Hospital are on the list. Chief executive officer Richard Bedard made $158,037.19. Three physicians working there earned between $144.495.34 and $151,469.51. Nursing practitioners and technologists earned between $106,667.41 and $107.902.66. Heather Daly, chief executive officer/director of corporate services for the Renfrew County and District Health Unit, received $141,274.74. Four directors and managers are on the list, taking home between $100,589 to $126,062 in earnings.

In the municipal sector, Renfrew County had 30 people on the list, including 15 paramedics, who earned between $100,290.06 and $116,452.96. Chief Administrative Officer James Hutton headed the list with $206,786.35. Twelve senior directors and administrators received between $157,045.42 and $100,936.54. The City of Pembroke had 17 entries on the list. Out of these, four are from senior administration, while the remainder are from the Pembroke Fire Department. Chief administrative officer Terry Lapierre received $167,281.21. Three senior managers received between $100,164.44 and $124,999.68. Fire Chief Dan Herback received $127,962.75, while nine firefighters were paid between $101,132.94 and $121,882.68.

Laurentian Valley had two entries with chief administrative officer Dean Sauriol receiving $127,471.63. Petawawa had three people on the list with chief administrative officer/clerk Daniel Scissons earning $133,333.20. Whitewater Region had one entry with chief administrative officer Robert Tremlay earning $111,068.71. The Town of Deep River had 15 entries on the list. Chief administrative officer Richard Mcgee earned $144,522.50, while police chief Barry Swarbrick received $130,000.02.

In the education sector, the Renfrew County District School Board had 101 entries on the list. Among those topping the list were members of the board administration. Superintendent Of Corporate Services Lisa Schimmens earned $162,711.45, while the board's director of education, Pino Buffone, received $151,174.71. The board has 88 principals, vice-principals and teachers on the list. The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board had 46 names on the list. Outgoing director of education Michele Arbour earned $120,892.09, while her successor, Jaimie Perry received $156,659.08. A total of 39 principals, vice-principals and teachers made the list.

Members of the judiciary were among some of the top earners in Renfrew County. Provincial court judges Robert Selkirk and Michael March earned $291,241.56, while Justice of the Peace Nancy Mitchell received $131,121.40. Crown Attorney Jeffrey Richardson earned $220,996.10, while assistant Crown attorney Teresa James took home $152,061.77. Family and Children's Services of Renfrew County had 11 employees on the list. Executive director Arijana Haramincic received $167,025.77.


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