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Kernels of Wisdom: The world’s first mother got it right!

By Rev. Eric Strachan


I can do all things through Him who strengthens and empowers me.

AMPLIFIED BIBLE, Philippians 4:13


There I was sitting in the doctor’s office the other day when in she came, a mom with her gang of kids, four of them. They looked as if they were about three, six, eight and nine – two boys and two girls.

The next 30 minutes in the waiting room was an interesting time to say the least. “You sit there, you there, and you there,” I heard her say more than once, while she stood watching over them. Occasionally there was a bit of a sibling squabble between two of them and promptly mom was intervening with her cautionary remarks, “OK that’s enough I said. You sit there, and you over there.” As I observed this young mom in action I had two concurring thoughts, “How do you do this mother thing?” followed by a silent exclamation, “Thank God I’m not a mother, I’m a guy!”

Let me ask you, how many of you men out there in newspaper-land wish you were a mom? I don’t see any hands! Indeed, how do you do this mother thing? To me as a guy it seems like a gargantuan task, a role for the bravest of the brave! Pause with me for a moment, and turn the clock of history a way, way back, indeed as far back as the beginning of time, when suddenly onto the scene of the world stage there steps civilization’s first ever mother, her name is Eve. Picture the scene, she has just become pregnant, the first recorded pregnancy since time began. From all that we know she hasn’t been schooled or tutored about conception, morning sickness, the duration of the pregnancy cycle, birth pains, breastfeeding, she never had a mother; there were no prenatal classes; no online help she could Google; there’s no hospitals, no paediatric nurses, no midwives. Like the first man stepping onto the lunar surface, who’s never been there before, she’s the pregnancy pioneer, the world’s first ever mother. And as she gives birth to her firstborn son, she makes an illuminating statement, “With the help of the Lord, I have brought forth a man.” (The Bible, Genesis 4:1, New International Version)

Pause again, and notice these words, they are the very first words ever spoken by a mother in all of human history. Eve was saying in essence, “It’s only because of God’s help that I’ve been able to do this.” What I’m trying to say to you on this Mother’s Day weekend 2018 is this, that this whole task of mothering from the very beginning to the end was never intended to be done solo, but hand-in-hand, in co-operation with the living God. For sure, Eve, the world’s first mother, got it right. Try to do it solo and you’re staring failure straight in the face.

Mom, listen to this, “He’s your helper!” When the task of mothering has left you completely exhausted not only physically but emotionally, God is there to help. When you’ve just about had it with dishes, laundry, picking up kids, rushing home from work, shopping, budgeting, disciplining, bullying at school, to name a few, God is always there to say “Give me all your frustrations, lay them at my feet, and I’ll give you my strength.” He’s your helper when you don’t know anymore how to deal with that problem child who tests your patience to the absolute limit and has you pulling your hair out by the roots. He’s the one who says, ask of me and I’ll give you wisdom and patience. He’s your helper when you worry about how your daughter’s doing at college and university. Will she get in with the wrong crowd? Could she get into the drug scene? Could she fall pregnant?

When you lie in bed awake at night these disturbing thoughts bombard your mind and drive you crazy, don’t they? God wants you to stop worrying. Sleepless nights are not in his plan for you. Tell him about every concern you have for her, he’s only a prayer away. He’s your helper for that estranged son who’s distanced himself from the family and hasn’t spoken to you in years. God has seen every tear that has fallen from your eyes and says to you today in loving tenderness, “I’ve seen your pain…I care.”

Dear Mom, in God’s eyes you are a priceless commodity. Your role in society is such a key one, you can have a profound and eternal influence on the lives of your sons and daughters, but you can’t do it alone. Take a tip from the world’s first woman, Eve, she knew that she was only able to do what she did because of the God-given strength. Be like her. Remember the first words ever spoken by a mother on this earth, “With the help of the Lord...” Until the day you leave this planet wrap those words tightly around your heart and never ever forget them. Oh, and by the way…Happy Mother’s Day!

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