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Column: Is there a pot of gold at the end of the crypto-currency rainbow?

I want to look at crypto-currencies through the eyes of a Leprechaun. While crypto-currencies have been described as ‘digital gold,’ would a Leprechaun be likely to put them in his pot at the end of the rainbow? What are crypto-currencies, what gives them value and what does the current fascination with them suggest about the state of our existing

One of the pro-Trump signs seen around (west) Jerusalem.

COMMUNITY EDITORIAL BOARD: Postcard from the Holy Land - A lesson in resilience

Last summer, I made plans to achieve a lifelong dream of visiting the Holy Land over the Christmas holidays with my family. Predictably, a month before we were to depart, Donald Trump inflamed tempers in the region by pledging to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and move the American embassy there from Tel Aviv. However, knowing that trou

Is America's bluster over North Korea just a smokescreen?

In my last column (Sticking the arson charge on a couple of patsies – The Daily Observer Aug. 19, 2017) I questioned why North Korea’s nuclear program was attracting such attention from the United States. North Korea is a very poor and backwards country whose bellicosity reflects the regime’s need for an external enemy like the United States to gal

Revising economic policy key to federal Conservatives returning to power

As the Conservative Party of Canada enters the final months of its leadership race, it is a good time to both assess the challenges facing the country and formulate some responses to these problems that reflect both Conservative and Canadian core values.More specifically, it is a good time to think about how best to reduce our dangerously high leve


Some climate scientists, concerned with the warming impact of rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, have proposed that to keep temperatures cool what is needed is more pollution. More specifically, they suggest that more particulate pollution in the upper reaches of the atmosphere would reflect the sun’s radi

A student accommodation review by the Renfrew County District School Board has resulted in a recommendation to close the school. Starting in the fall, Westmeath's students would be bussed to Beachburg Public School instead.

COMMUNITY EDITORIAL BOARD: Can't afford the Caddy? Keep walking

Recently the Renfrew County District School Board moved to go ahead with the planned closure of Westmeath and Madawaska Public Schools. As my mother taught at Westmeath P.S. and as four generations of my family have attended the school, this decision by the board frankly hurts.

Community editorial board: In the end, deflation will win

After having enjoyed years of rising stock prices, since January investors have been hit with an unexpected fall in the value of their portfolios. The question on many people’s minds is: Is this a temporary dip that presents a buying opportunity, or is this just the beginning of a long, wrenching period of wealth destruction?