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The Delfi Group: Conflict – It’s time for another look

Conflict – an eight-letter word that for most of us, is more than twice as bad most four-letter words that we try never to use. It screams at us from almost every news item, whether newspaper, radio, television or social media.

Business columnist Larry Schruder asks if your workplace operates like a bunch of golfers or more like a hockey team.

Is your team into golf or hockey?

The quality of teaming in the workplace is becoming a significant competitive advantage for those organizations that do it well.

THE DELFI GROUP: Why change is so hard!

Change is hard. We know this from our personal lives – and we know it from our business lives. Change is all around us, and without it we would stagnate and die. But change is hard – and it is stressful.

Maintaining business when the sky is falling

Most of us in business are stressed enough keeping our operations successful in ordinary everyday times without worrying too much about how we would keep things afloat if the sky were to begin to fall.

Dealing with toxic people

Our last Delfi column introduced the concept of emotional intelligence – the ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behaviour and relationships.

10 great leadership quotes

There are many great teachers and mentors when it comes to leadership skills – and today I want to borrow a few lines from some of the best to stimulate some reflective thoughts about leadership as we race towards the end of another year. Whether these people led a country, a company, or a movement, the words of these leaders can provide a yardstic

Silos - on the farm and in your workplace

This week’s column carries on from our last column’s exploration of organizational structure and its importance to your business performance and success.

Larry Schruder

Connecting better to influence better

We are all in the business of selling - which we will define here as the art of influencing another person to change a behaviour, a belief, or a state of being.

The strength of the team is in the rim

Wagon wheels were an amazing development in our transportation history. A wagon wheel has three main component parts. First comes the hub - the centre of the wheel, connected to each and every spoke, the only point of contact with the wagon, and usually well lubricated to ensure minimal friction with the larger entity.

Avoiding misery at work

Work can be tiring - and sometimes less than our favourite activity. However, it is that "thing" that most of us will do for 35 to 40 hours a week for 35 to 40 years. Or put another way - work is something that will occupy our lives for about 80,000 hours.

Are you really an ideal team player?

This week's column wraps up the current series of articles focusing on teamwork. Today we get right to the heart of the matter by exploring ideas about what constitutes the ideal team player.

Teamwork is a challenge...and a strategic choice

Our last Delfi column provided employee-based survey results indicating that teams in the workplace are not always as efficient and effective as they could or should be. This should be troubling to all business leaders as teams are increasingly replacing individual employees as the unit of production - for both products and services. Increasingly,