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The Cannawide marijuana dispensary was among 43 marijuana dispensaries raided by Toronto police officers on May 26, 2016. Some of the charges against clerks who worked at the pot shops have now been withdrawn. (Cole Burston, The Canadian Press)

Charges tossed for Toronto pot shops

Toronto police have responded to the illegal marijuana dispensaries operating in the city by raiding many of them, charging staff with drug trafficking.But as those cases hit the courts, many charges against the clerks who call themselves “budtenders” have been thrown out, according to statistics from the federal agency responsible for prosecuting

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Ex-Mountie who tortured son apologizes

Facing a possible 23 years behind bars, a former Mountie who tortured and starved his young son in the basement of the family’s suburban Ottawa home apologized Thursday for being “a monster.”

Shopify employees celebrate the company's arrival on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2015. RICHARD DREW /ASSOCIATED PRESS

Shopify: Get your guns, weed, escorts

While Ottawa-based Shopify has been under a microscope because of its ties to controversial right-wing website Breitbart, there are other questionable items being sold using the company's technology.

Riley Shannon. (Facebook photo)

Ont. man run over by skid loader

A young man who “put a smile on everyone’s face” is dead, and three London-area teenagers are charged with criminal negligence causing death after an apparent joyride on a front-end loader during a Dorchester house party.

 Dr. Sammy Sliwin (

Doctor fights to keep licence

Plastic surgeon Sammy Jo Sliwin will soon learn whether he will recover the medical licence he lost after performing breast and other cosmetic surgeries on his mistress.

The Sun's paper on the biomechanics of how pigs fly was accepted for an OMICS biology conference scheduled for this summer. MARK METCALFE / GETTY IMAGES

When pigs fly: Fake science for profit

Here’s the latest way to cheat your way to success in the academic world: Give a speech at a science conference that’s so awful, it will let you present research about flying pigs.All you have to do is pay cash.

MPP Sam Oosterhoff poses for photos in Smithville following his win Tuesday, March 7, 2017 for the Progressive Conservative nomination for the new riding of Niagara West in the 2018 provincial election. (Julie Jocsak/Postmedia Network)

Oosterhoff beats challenger again

The youngest-ever member of Ontario’s legislature emerged victorious Tuesday night in a nomination battle, securing his spot representing the Progressive Conservatives in next year’s provincial election.

Dana Whitman, who has breast cancer and was undergoing chemo, spent 4.5 hours waiting in emergency at Queensway Carleton last week before being treated for a 102 degree fever in a storage closet. Julie Oliver/Postmedia JULIE OLIVER / POSTMEDIA

Cancer patient kept for hours in Emerg

Dana Whitman, who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, had been warned to go straight to emergency if she developed a fever. She was even given a special “fever card” that is supposed to allow chemotherapy patients to jump the queue to avoid sitting in crowded waiting rooms because they are so vulnerable to infection between rounds of the