Kernels of Wisdom

Jack Taylor/Getty Images Wild poppies grow in the 'Trench of Death', a preserved Belgian First World War trench system in Diksmuide, Belgium on July 14, 2017. The poppy has become an internationally recognized symbol of remembrance after it grew in the war-ravaged and muddied landscape of Belgian Flanders. The sight of the poppy growing by the graves of soldiers inspired Canadian soldier John McCrae to write one of the most famous World War One poems, 'In Flanders Fields'.

Kernels of Wisdom: In Flanders Fields the poppies blow

It is the one time during any year when we as Canadians from coast to coast pin a flower to the lapel of our garments, on the left side, closest to the heart. In the days preceding, and on this day, Nov. 11, the simple bright red poppy causes us as a nation to remember and reflect on both the valor and the horror of war.