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Language Fairness for all

Mary Bray

By Mary Bray

Dear FLSA Designated Municipality or District,

If you owned a business and your staff were unilingual, would you complain if a level of government forced a bylaw sign on you that required bilingual signage?
Would your customers complain if not served in both languages then?

As a parent of 4 children, would 3 of them feel inferior if you only paid attention to the other one?

If you meet a job ads requirement except for language, and learned someone with fewer qualifications plus language was hired, how would that make you feel?

These things are happening in pockets of Ontario and New Brunswick now and could be coming to a theater near you. Russell Township near Ottawa put a bylaw in place requiring bilingual (English/French) signs even thought 71% of businesses did that prior to the law. Dieppe, New Brunswick goes further and demands French first.

The majority in Canada speak English, yet I feel like a step-child left out on their own, as politicians choose not to discuss the true needs and costs associated with the 42 year old Official Languages Act and Ontario’s 26 year old French Services Language Act. No one is asking that French services be denied, only that fairness levels to people and funding be audited towards actual need and cost. Any piece of legislation should be reviewed anyway after a decade to see if it is still needed or should be altered, but that is not being done.

Language should not trump merit and qualifications. Hi, I am Chris Cameron, a Registered Nurse in Eastern Ontario that acts with respect, integrity, honesty and professionalism with everyone. I feel we left the path of meeting all Canadians needs on services that provide fairness to taxpayers and job applicants by concentrating on one group only.

Chris Cameron RN
President Language Fairness for ALL

Language Fairness for ALL-LFA
108 Second St. West
PO Box 194
Cornwall, ON K6J 1G0

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