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Society Makes Women Live Fake Lives, Says Pembroke-Raised Author New Book Helps Women Live Life on Their Own Terms

Heather DelRosario

By Heather DelRosario

Pembroke born and raised author Heather (Markus) DelRosario says women are held back from living the life they would choose for themselves… and she’s out there to fix that problem.

Her new book, My Year to Thrive, is a step-by-step process that helps women break through the barriers that are stopping them living a better life. It will be launched in Pembroke on February 10.

The idea for the book came from Heather’s own experience.

She grew up in Pembroke, went to Fellowes High School and even though she left at the age of 21 to pursue her career, she returns frequently to visit family and friends.

As a successful career woman, she was a perfectionist and drove herself to be the absolute best at what she did. She pushed herself so hard that at the age of 47 she found herself burned out. Stress pushed her to the point where she landed in the hospital with chest pains, her mental capacities were so affected that she couldn’t put two sentences together and she was so emotionally spent that she let her marriage fall apart.

“I felt like I was a fake. I became the person that society was telling me was successful, but lost myself in the process,” says Heather.

“Women are led to believe they must live a certain way… but that way of life isn’t what they want deep down.”

After her burnout, she decided things had to change. She sought out mentors and taught herself all the strategies she needed to change her life.

And when she succeeded… she wanted to help others.

“I lived my life the wrong way for a very long time, as an emotional prisoner. But there’s so much more out there for women and I want them to have it,” she says.

My Year to Thrive is more than a book – it’s learning, it’s exercises, it’s self-discovery, and it’s a journal.

When they’re finished, women will have the confidence and courage to go after the things in life they really want.

Heather is launching her book in her hometown, Pembroke, ON, on February 10th at Chahna Fai, 205 Church Street, Pembroke from 1:00 – 3:30.

Author Bio: Heather lived in Bowmanville, ON for 25 years where she pursued her career in business and learning and development. She now lives in Haliburton, ON with her husband and is a leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. She has overcome her personal adversity and helps others through her courses, retreats and coaching.

What People Say About Heather

Heather has an insatiable appetite for personal development, has a gift for facilitation and a passion for helping women lead their best lives. She not only teaches but leads by example and I'm so grateful our paths crossed. My life is forever changed as a result. I highly recommend you consider experiencing one of her retreats. - Sue Sutcliffe

Heather helped me see the light in my life. She is so genuine, a great communicator, she listens, has empathy and loves what she does. She is honest and trustworthy! Thank you for your blessings. Cheryl Brown

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