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Sara Smith

By Sara Smith

Hurray! Busses Coming
I would like to congratulate Pembroke and LV finally coming up with this tremendous plan for bus service to come to the Ottawa Valley. This is a very much needed essential service required in this City to encourage people to come here be able to get to work by bus and no longer needing a car to get to their jobs. It will allow citizens and students without cars to y to get around to school, jobs, shopping doctors and recreation. A bus will allow people the ability to have readily available transportation without having to pay high prices for taxis. It is something that has kept people without cars being able to reach their potential without transportation. This should help the city grow, people can move here knowing there is transportation available to them. We want to encourage growth to our City and surrounding areas which this is an excellent start.
I would also like the opportunity to encourage the City to continue to work on rebuilding Pembroke Airport. I am hoping the surrounding area towns will see this this is a tremendous worthwhile project. I am hoping they will have small planes and eventually larger ones coming in and out of Pembroke transporting goods and people to the Ottawa Valley. This is our way of getting our goods and people to our area quick which is what people want in 2018
I also want the current council and mayor of Pembroke to encourage companies to come to Pembroke to set up industries and businesses here by offering some incentive such as reduced taxes or anything that will encourage badly needed growth to our area. To promote new people coming to our area will help bring in tax dollars which we can use to our infrastructure.
I would like to see the City Council and Mayor working hard for us to get them to sell our City as a place to come to set up new industries and businesses. Go after the federal and provincial grants the government has to offer. We need more growth in our city since many moving away from Pembroke for better opportunities. The long-time residents are passing away. We need well-paying industry here. We need people will to move in to our city, spend money, buy houses and raise families. All our community will benefit and allow city to work on its badly needed aging infrastructure with additional taxes.
I am hoping that this is a start to a new Pembroke with hopes and dreams for our city to grow and not waste away. Many were starting to lose hope. We are still hoping for a new busy and booming city for us our children and generations to come.

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