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Poem By Katrina Smith

Katrina Smith

By Katrina Smith

Wrighten by: Katrina Smith

Waiting, Waiting feels forever
It is forever
Waiting on something you are afraid to hear
Or waiting on somthing you are hoping for
Afraid to know
Afraid to unknow
Waiting is how life is
Its sometime torchure
Sometimes it has exitement
Waiting is an intence thing for everyone
Everyone is always waiting on somthing
Or someone
Everyone has their own purpose on waiting
It can be waiting in line for their coffee
Waiting to use the bathroom next
Or just waiting to be able to get home and be with their family after a long day of work
Me? Im waiting to hear what i want to hear or what i should hear.
Im waiting to see if i could be free
Im waiting to see if my love ones will be free
Waiting to be loved
Waiting to be respected
Waiting to be wanted
Waiting is a hard thing to do
Waiting is intence for everyone
Its like trying to watch a tree grow in full term but everyone knows it takes years
Patience is a verture
Patience is everything
But not everyone has that
Not everyone can wait and still have a smile on their face
Not everyone can deal with the wait that life makes us live threw
But waiting is something that we all have to do.

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