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October Life Chain

sarah jack

By sarah jack

October Life Chain in Pembroke Due to the first Sunday in October being Thanksgiving, the annual Life Chain was held on Sept. 30th. About 70 people of all ages attended this one hour of silent presence holding signs along the street corner of Pembroke and Christie Streets. This annual event is to underline that the majority of Canadians deplore the complete lack of protection for unborn Canadian babies right up to the moment of birth. We stand with North Korea and China in being one the very few "civilized" countries that has no law at all to protect the rights of our children and even their mothers. In Canada, you are not a human person until you have completely exited the mother's birth canal. This 400 year old legal definition of personhood is what fully two thirds of our politicians refused even to discuss last week in Parliament as they voted down Bill 312 which would have been an open and frank discussion about when Canadian children could be declared persons with rights. Any grade 11 biology would get a failing grade if they were to suggest that human life begins at birth, however our politicians prefer to cling to that falsehood because to admit the truth, would then cause them to have to make some difficult decisions about the rights of our children. Unfortunately, those who feel that in a democracy we should always be open to discussing difficult issues and trying to get to the truth of the matter for the benefit of all Canadians are sadly reprimanded and browbeaten by the mainstream media, many politicians and pro-abortion advocates alike. Special congratulations to our own MP Cheryl Gallant and the Minister for the Status of Women, Rona Ambrose who along with others, courageously voted to allow that Bill 312 democratic discussion. They have subsequently been attacked and belittled for their faith in the democratic system in our country. Mark Reilander Renfrew County Right To Life

October Life Chain

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